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There’s a new TV commercial that makes me seriously consider turning in my iPhone in favor of a Nexus 4. The ad shows people all over the world getting more out of life thanks to the Google Now app on their phone. It is, as my son would say, “so epic.” (And now that I’ve mentioned him twice in one day, he’s going to expect royalties.)

Take a look:

google search nowYou can get all of this goodness packed into the updated Google Search for Android app.

If you didn’t watch the video, here’s the concept. A single app that delivers a wide range of information related to where you are and what you’re doing at the time. If you’re at the airport, it displays gate information and flight times. At the movies, you get Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews and digital ticket access through Fandango. If you’re shopping for a new home, you can even get real estate listings through Zillow – delivered automatically.

Traffic, sports scores, news, restaurants, appointments — just add that “card” to the widget and the app figures out the rest.

New cards include birthday notifications, local weather, local events and places to visit and for you fitness buffs, a summary of your physical activities.

The app update also allows you to run Google Now as your home or lock screen. That means, you can have everything you need as soon as you look down. Not such a big deal for the sports scores, but pretty major when you’re running to catch a train.

How does this tie in to online marketing? Simple. Google has to pull the data from somewhere. . . .

This app is another example of how important it is to keep an up-to-date web presence. Does Google have the correct address and hours for your store? Can the search engine find the details on your local event? What kind of reviews are going to show up when someone is near your restaurant?

From a productivity standpoint, Google Now just makes life easier because it thinks ahead and combines the information in one place. Now, when you’re out and about, you’ll remember to buy a gift for your significant other because the birthday is right there on the lock screen.

Smartphones are getting smarter every day.

  • I love Google Now. Have to agree with your conclusion that smartphones are getting smarter daily.