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If you aren’t fed up by now by the conflicting reports as to which mobile OS is top of the heap then you likely have not been paying attention. You should be happy.

The latest company to put their spin on which OS is leading the pack is Kantar as reported by Engadget

Most US smartphone market share estimates last fall saw Apple retake the lead as it rode a wave of iPhone 5 sales. While there was always a question as to how long that trend would last, new data from Kantar Worldpanel supports beliefs that it was really more of a momentary pop. Android reportedly took back the lead at 49.4 percent of American sales between November and January, improving its overall position versus the same month last year. Not that everyone else was necessarily hurting — iOS still had a 45.9 percent slice of the pie, and the continued Windows Phone 8 rollout took Microsoft up to 3.2 percent. The real wounds were dealt to a pre-transition BlackBerry and Nokia’s outgoing Symbian.

Here is the chart

Android Back on Top?

Here’s the bottom line.

As a marketer if you are not developing your Internet presence to accomodate both iOS and Android users than you are being irresponsible. Demographics around iOS users are likely to be higher for sure but if you are looking to reach everyone you have to consider both. It’s that simple, right?