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Before we get started I have a quick questions which probably has a not so quick answer. Here it goes. Who thinks that content marketing is a good term to be throwing around in marketing circles? It sure gets a lot of play but it seems to be such a wide area and catch all phrase. What does it actually mean? Feel free to drop an opinion in the comments.

Ok, well thanks for entertaining that thought. Now, no matter how we define it or parts of it, marketers are still very much buying into the concept of digital. It would be silly not to in most cases. In fact, according to Econsultancy’s and Responsys’ Marketing Budgets 2013 report the digital space continues to get more and more budget attention. Note that these numbers come from the perspective of the company and not the agency side of the equation.

Companies and Digital Budgets 2013

Even in a still unsettled economic climate the digital channel is holding its ground. So while it’s great that companies are willing to put marketing budget bucks into the digital space it’s also good to know where these dollars will go with regard to the various digital channels available currently.

Here is a look at the most likely to receive marketing money in 2013.

Where Online Budget Will Go

Content marketing wins the day. What is always amazing is what follows and today it is whatever helps marketers retain current customers. It truly is much more expensive to get the new ones than it is to retain the existing ones, isn’t it?

So do these results reflect your digital marketing priorities? Each business and vertical is unique in what works best with their customers and prospects. Does your target market make you look at your digital spend differently than what is represented here?

  • Thanks for the data and a great post Frank. Content marketing is so important to building a brand in this digital/social age. Content is King, Connection is Queen, and Context brings it all together.

  • What I found fascinating is that “content” plays a direct and meaningful role in search, email and social. Isn’t that all marketing? Video needs content. Webinars? All about the content.

    • It ís all about the content, but now people are shifting to create a brand experience through content, brand utilities, insight selling, instead of only directing people to salespages.

  • Even though it’s more difficult than before to have good results with SEO, it’s in the 2nd position!

  • In SEO, the principle of content being king is constantly thrown around. While content may be one of the primary considerations, it is certainly not the King. Creating quality content is the key. Simply creating more content and crap content is worthless.

  • Keri Thomas LeBlanc

    Informative post, Frank. Thanks for presenting this data. It’s very helpful to be armed with these facts. I’m thrilled to hear everyone talk about the benefits of content marketing although I agree the concept is so broad, it’s hard to understand specifically what many people mean when they talk about it. Back in the early-digital day, it was sometimes difficult to gain buy-in for content-heavy programs, like public relations for instance, because of the time and effort involved in creating quality content. Today, there seems to be more willingness to invest the resources to do it well because it is being discussed so much.