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840316_-diversity_5-A quick glance at Pinterest will tell you that the site’s primary users are women who are in to fashion, food, and all forms of creativity.

If you want to know who is using Facebook and Twitter, it’s going to take more than a quick look. It’s going to take a survey from the fine folks at the Pew Internet Life and American Life Project.

*Unless otherwise stated, the percentages represent a portion of all internet users in the US.


You won’t be surprised to learn that Facebook has the highest percentage of users with 67%. Women have the edge over men (72% vs 62%) and again it’s popular with 18-29’s. Here’s a surprise, looking an internet users aged 50-64 – 57% are on Facebook and 35% of those over 65 are also using the social media site.

Actually, all of the demographic categories are pretty close. Urban slightly outshines suburban and rural, over $75,000 household income is slightly larger than all other numbers and “some college” beats everything else. Overall, Facebook has the most well-rounded group of users. Whatever demographic you’re after, you can find it here.

Twitter’s overall usage percentage has doubled since 2010 but it still sits at an average 16% of all internet users. The male / female ratio is pretty even but percentage-wise, there are more black urban users. 18-29 is the sweet spot age-wise, but 30-49 is pretty good too. Only 10% of those over 50-64 are using Twitter.


This image-oriented social site has the biggest gender divide. Women beat the men 5 to 1. Most of the users are white with a college education and an upper middle class income. It’s more popular with rural dwellers and it’s equally as popular with the 18-29 group as it is with the 30-49 group. That’s a very unusual. Overall, 15% of internet users are on Pinterest, so they’re giving Twitter a run for their money.


13% of internet users have felt the pull of this photo-upload app. Not a huge number but when you consider how new and how specific this network is, that number is amazing. The majority of users are women but men are in the running. Blacks and Hispanics have a high percentage of users, mostly urban with “some college.” Income ranges lean toward the lower side. Age-wise, it’s almost all 18-29.


Tumblr was the social network darling about a year ago, but they’ve fallen off fast thanks to Pinterest and Instagram. Right now, they’re pulling in only 6% of all internet users with an equal number of men and women. Hispanics have a slight edge but it’s pretty close across the board. Again, 18-29 is the ruling age, everyone else is out of the game. Everything else is close but urban with a good income and a college education edges out the rest.

The survey didn’t cover Google+ but Social Times did.


Going with their numbers, Google+ users are primarily men 18-34, one third of whom are students.

What do you think? Any surprises in these numbers? Any of these numbers make you think twice about your social media game plan? I didn’t think so, but it’s still interesting. . .



  • The biggest surprise is Pinterest’s stats! It’s an amazing platform to showcase your work, promote your products/services, network in general + find awesome content to add to your other social platforms regardless of gender … It’s also really cool in terms of being a ‘living vicariously’ portal plus broadening your horizons on so many levels. Then again, I’m female ~ so what do I know? 🙂