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More than half of all Twitter users, log on with a mobile device at least once a month and that’s good news for marketers. Why? Because Compete found that mobile Twitter users are more likely to reTweet, click, favorite and all around engage with posts on the social media service.

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To begin with, mobile users are 86% more likely that the average user to check Twitter several times a day. This makes sense, since it’s easier to pull out your phone and see what’s up than to make your way to a computer. Only 15% said they mainly use a tablet to access Twitter, again, it’s about portability and spontaneous usage, so I’m not surprised.

Because they’re carry Twitter around in their pocket (or the palm of their hand 24/7), mobile Twitter users connect at all hours of the day and night.

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Here’s a crazy stat, “primary mobile users are also 301% more likely to use Twitter before and after attending a movie than the average Twitter user.”

The Compete survey also found that mobile Twitter users skew younger (52% are between 18 and 34) but gender wise, its pretty equal. And because we often use Twitter to communicate, 62% of mobile users said they’ve Tweeted to people who are physically near them at the time.  Twitter says this is a natural move, like when you’re meeting someone and you Tweet to let them know you’ve arrived. Isn’t that what text messages are for?

I’m way out of the norm on those stats, but I fit right in when it comes to Tweeting in front of the TV. 66% of mobile Tweets do it, that’s 32% higher than the average.

The best news to come out of this survey is that mobile Twitter users are more likely to engage.

Primary mobile users are:

  • 57% more likely to compose original Tweets than the average Twitter user.
  • 63% more likely to click on links
  • 78% more likely to retweet
  • 85% more likely to favorite a Tweet

They also follow more brands and have better recall of Twitter ads.

Think about your Tweets and how they relate to the mobile customer. Offer them information when they need it – coffee deals first thing in the morning, TV reminders at night, shopping deals on a Saturday afternoon. And keep it simple. The mobile Tweeter doesn’t have time to read that 1,200 word article you linked to, but they’ll respond to a quickie Vine video or a clever photo on Instagram.