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get glue pepsiGetGlue is the social media network that rewards users with virtual stickers when they check-in to a TV show or movie. Fans don’t think of these stickers as advertising, but that’s what they are — colorful, promotional discs that get you to perform an action you might not have performed otherwise.

Now GetGlue is expanding their business to include soda, candy, cruises, clothing and anything else you can associate with a TV show. They call these new ad units “promoted entries.” In return for sponsoring one, the sticker stays at the top of the GetGlue feed for the entire length of the campaign just like a banner ad.

They launched the program yesterday during the Super Bowl with promotional partner Pepsi. Throughout the game, fans were promoted to check-in four times to get a new sticker and unlock exclusive Pepsi content.

GetGlue didn’t stop there. They also offered Hulu check-in stickers twice during the game. People who checked-in got a free month of Hulu Plus service.

In total, you could collect seven Super Bowl related stickers and to help you remember, GetGlue posted a guide prior to the game.

getglue game guide

Very clever. It reminds me of when we used to collect trading cards and believe me when I tell you that GetGlue stickers are just as collectible. People have been known to pay up $50 for a single, coveted sticker on eBay. (GetGlue members can get a print out of a portion of their stickers on a monthly basis.)

When a GetGlue user checks in to a promoted event, that activity shows up in their friends’ feed giving promotional partners even more visibility.

The secret to the success of this program is the sticker design and how the product relates to the event. People didn’t check in yesterday because they wanted a Pepsi logo. They checked in to show their support for the Super Bowl or because they wanted a sticker featuring Beyonce. Still, there are a few advertising images that would attract an audience on their own. I bet people would check in to get a Geico gecko sticker. I know I would.

Which current advertising icon would you like to see on a GetGlue sticker?