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google-logoOk so it’s not really a piece of Internet marketing news. It’s more a point of interest. Even with the oodles of cash we make here at Marketing Pilgrim, that price is a bit too rich (I finished that sentence with a straight face then burst out laughing followed by a brief period of sobbing but it’s all better now, thanks).

So what about the price (which was $802 at the time of this writing)? Well it’s a good sign that Larry Page is well respected amongst the types of people that determine how rich people get richer. More importantly though is this that comes from an Associated Press story from on the stock

There is little dispute among analysts that Google appears well positioned for many years of prosperity. The reasons: Its Internet search engine remains the hub of the Web’s biggest marketing network; its YouTube video site has established itself as an increasingly attractive advertising vehicle; and its free Android software is running on more than 600 million smartphones and tablet computers to create even more opportunities to sell ads.

Those are the three reasons why any Internet marketer should pay attention to how Google is doing.

Whether you like it or not, it’s still the most important web property to the Internet as a whole. Facebook may have a billion people killing time on it and Apple may build great products (while slyly boxing in users who become glassy eyed members of the collective) and Twitter may let you know what is trending in the world of empty but Google is, for the most part, at the center of it all. Google’s more about hardcore information which is always going to be the offset of emotionally driven, narcissistic drivel. Why? Because information drivel is so much more dependable :-). Oh and they have that whole pesky productivity angle as well with Docs, Gmail, Hangouts etc.

So hate Google all day long. Call them evil. They don’t care as long as you play along while you complain. And we all know you will.