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amex syncHave you ever skimmed your Twitter feed and thought, wow, if only I could buy an Amazon Kindle just by replying to a Tweet? No? Me, neither. But American Express is making it happen anyway with Amex Sync for stuff. (That’s not exactly what they call it, but it fits.)

Here’s how it works. You see an offer on the American Express Twitter feed that you want. You Tweet using the assigned hashtag. Confirm your Tweet and bam, the item is on its way to you.

It’s a little more complicated than that – but not much, and that’s both cool and scary.

They came up with the idea because of the success of their Amex Sync for offers program. That system, which launched last year, lets users save money by Tweeting a special hashtag in return for a discount on a product. This new program takes it to the next step, giving you the actual product with just a few clicks.

To promote the launch, American Express is selling $25 gift cards for only $15 to cardmembers who respond with the hashtag #BuyAmexGiftCard25 (quantities limited, offer expires 3/3/13, limit one per Cardmember).

Tomorrow, they’ll begin releasing new items for sale including

  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD: $149.99 plus tax.
  • Sony Action Cam & Waterproof Headband Mount: $179.99 plus tax.
  • Urban Zen Bracelet Designed by Donna Karan: $80.00 plus tax.
  • Xbox 360 4GB console with a 3-month Xbox LIVE Subscription and 2 game tokens: $179.99 plus tax.
  • Xbox Controller: $29.99 plus tax.

(quantities limited, offer expires 3/3/13 or until sold out).

To prevent a mix-up, you do have to pre-register your card at the Amex Sync site. You also have to confirm your purchase by Twitter within 15 minutes. Your purchase is then automatically charged to your American Express card and it comes with free 2-day shipping. (Amazing)

Talk about impulse buying! No shipping forms. No credit card numbers. No pesky product details to worry about. Just Tweet and it’s yours.

Looking at the items in the catalog, it’s easy to see who this program is aimed at. We’re not talking about a $20 DVD here. We’re talking high-end jewelry and tech, so young, urban, with plenty of money to throw down on a whim. It’s beyond brilliant.

Want to learn more? Watch this video then let us know what you think. Is this the future of social shopping or a stunt that won’t last very long?

  • I think it is the first step from Twitter with American Express to turn the social media services into shopping cart. Now, everyone understands the power of hashtag.