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2012 year in reviewThe friendly folks over at Millennial Media are my favorite number crunchers. This month, they crunched harder than ever to come up with the 2012 Year-in-Review Mobile Mix report.

Let’s crack into it and see what we can see.

Apple and Samsung both had great years, taking the number one and number two spots for overall ad impressions. Both saw a gain of about 5% year-over-year.

For the first time, Amazon made the top 15 this year claiming the 11th spot with 1.08% of overall ad impressions. Acer also made the cut this year, knocking out Sanyo and Private Label mobile devices.

Looking at specific phones, the iPhone was the top performer growing 72% year-over-year. The award for the most growth goes to the Samsung Galaxy S. They had 182% increase in ad impressions, knocking the Blackberry Curve down to third place.

Though 75% of all ad impressions on their platform came from smartphones, tablet impressions were on the rise. Slightly more than half of the tablet activity came from iPads. Samsung and Amazon grabbed the lion’s share of the Android impressions.

Snappy Apps

Mirroring the download world, Games was the top category for ad impressions. After that, it’s Music and Entertainment, Social Media apps  and Communications all coming in in the same spots as the previous year.

Productivity apps jumped up from 8th place to 5th. Science and Technology made the top ten in 2012 but didn’t place in 2011, so an increase in usage there.

The rise in mobile ad impressions means more people than ever are turning to mobile on a daily basis. Part of the reason is the flood of new, and less expensive devices that came on to the market.


These days, you can’t watch a show on TV without seeing an ad for a mobile phone, tablet or hybrid device. Tech brands don’t have to convince you to buy a mobile device, they just have to convince you to buy their mobile device; the fact that you’re going to buy one is almost a given.

Mobile isn’t just for the tech-savy, early adopters. The latest crop of TV ads demonstrate the power of mobile in everyday life. They feature children using devices to talk with dad while he’s on a business trip, learning to read, discovering their artistic and musical side. We see college students dancing for joy over tablets with a snap on keyboard and T-Mobile has found a way to make cell phones sexy.

My all-time favorite mobile device commercial is part of ATT’s “It’s Not Complicated” campaign, where a man asks pre-schoolers what’s better, doing two things at once or only one thing?

It’s not exactly the point they were trying to make, but this ad is an example of how common place mobile has become. It’s so simple, even little kids get it. But then, kids have always been better with technology then us grown-ups.

You can get the entire Millennial Media Mobile Mix: Year-in-Review report for the low, low price of your email address. Just click here.