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When it comes to social engagement with TV viewers, Twitter is usually the platform of choice, but NBC’s The Biggest Loser is trying something new – Pinterest.

Starting tonight, the series will direct viewers to log on to Pinterest for instructional content based on the episode. Pop-ups will appear on screen whenever the contestants taste a new healthy recipe, try a new exercise or learn a lifestyle tip. Once they hit the Pinterest page, they’ll find matching content all delivered through big graphics and simple text.

NBC refers to this partnership as the “first-of-its-kind” and in a way, it is. The Biggest Loser already has a healthy presence on Pinterest with more than 41,000 followers, but the current content is just a large selection of photos from the series.


biggest loser pinterest

They do have a “Tips from the Trainers” board which requires you to click through twice in order to hit the matching video on the show’s web page. I can’t imagine too many people bother, if they even realize they can do such a thing.

Robert Hayes of NBC Entertainment Digital said in a press release:

“We are thrilled to be the first entertainment company to execute a partnership of this kind with Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the top sources of engagement for our content and the utility it offers its users is perfect for this kind of initiative. ‘The Biggest Loser” and Pinterest are an ideal pairing since our respective communities value inspiration, motivation and self-empowerment.”

Really? Pinterest is the perfect utility for this kind of initiative? The promise of this new partnership is helpful content on Pinterest. That means more text, something the photo pinning site doesn’t handle that well.

I do agree that Pinterest users are about inspiration and motivation but self-empowerment? I think that’s asking a lot of a collection of random images.

There are two areas that work for The Biggest Loser on Pinterest. Their recipes and their motivational graphics. These boards have hundreds of repins as opposed to their episodic photos which, on average, only have 2 or 3 repins per image. But is repinning the measure for success? In order to actually make one of the recipes you see on the site, you have to intuitively know to click the image then click again. There’s nothing that tells you to do that. I’d like to know how much traffic Pinterest drives to the official Biggest Loser website.

Presumably, the ultimate goal is to drive ratings and that’s going to be a tough connection to make. On the other hand, if NBC has a large Pinterest following, they can turn those numbers into an advertising deal and include branded content on their Pinterest images. What are 41,000 Pinterest followers worth these days? I guess NBC is going to find out.

The Biggest Loser airs Mondays at 8:00 on NBC.

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