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signin with googleGoogle+ just launched a brand new sign-in system for third party sites that sounds a whole lot like. . . . okay, I won’t say it, but we’re all going to think it anyway. This new sign-in system allows anyone with a Google account (so. . . all but five people on the internet) to login to a third party site with one click (several clicks the first time, but one after that). But it’s more than just an easy button, the new Google+ sign-in system is the next step in social sharing.

The first time you use the sign-in on a site, you’ll be asked to login to your Google account, then choose your permissions.

google permissions

Here’s a sample sign-up for on Fitbit. The important part is the last section. Using this drop down, you can choose to share your information from this site with specific Google+ circles.

In this case, you might want to share your Fitbit activity with a group of friends who are all working on getting fit but not with your co-workers.

You can also choose to keep the data to yourself. As I understand it, this doesn’t mean you’re keeping your data private. What it means is your updates appear only on your Google+ profile page as app activity. If your page is open to the public, anyone can see these updates, so think it through before clicking this option.

The idea is to keep from flooding your follower’s feeds with random bits of minutia every time you visit a connected site. If you want to share an update after the fact, you can choose it from your Google+ activity feed and share it with any of your peeps.

Google+ says:

Google+ doesn’t let apps spray “frictionless” updates all over the stream, so app activity will only appear when it’s relevant (like when you’re actually looking for it).

I’m slightly disturbed by the concept of “frictionless spray” and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Do More Than Just Share

The new Google+ sign-in system takes sharing to the next level by allowing users to perform related actions. For example, if I want to invite you to the movies, I can find a local showing through Flixster, “share” the activity with you and right from the app you can either accept my invitation or reject it. (Mind you, I’ll never ask you to the movies again if you reject me, but it’s your choice.)

google+ sharing

Using other third party sites, you can send a podcast to a friend, review menus then make dinner reservations or share your favorite song via Shazam.

If you share an item from social shopping site The Fancy, the recipient can buy the gift right from the app. They also show multiple people contributing to the final cost of a group gift. That’s social interactivity at its finest.

As if that wasn’t enough, Google+ built in one more wild feature. If the partner site has a free Android app, you can have that app sent to phone with one additional click during sign-up. That is so simple and so smart.

I’m not a big fan of Google+, but this new sign-in system could turn me around. It’s so much more intuitive than anything else that’s out there. It tells me that the folks at Google are invested in reinventing the way we connect and how we use technology to make life easier and more fun.

Good job.

Here’s The Fancy co-founder Michael Silverman to tell you more about it.

  • This is only if you intend to participate with Google + Myself, I don’t see the need for it. I’ve got Facebook which has given me access to everyone I want access to, and Twitter, which gives me information immediately as I want it. What do I need Google + for?


  • I am a big fan of Google+. It helps me to connect more easily with like-minded people.