The Beal Deal with Lisa Barone (@LisaBarone)

I know what you’re thinking and no, your eyes do not deceive you. This is a post by Andy Beal, and it is on a Saturday.

You’re witnessing history today.

OK, that may be an exaggeration, but you are witnessing the launch of a brand new Saturday morning series called “The Beal Deal” (you can thank Frank Reed for that name). Each Saturday I plan to interview some of the smartest folks in the internet marketing world and, hopefully, ask them questions that they’ve not been asked before and/or reveal something you didn’t already know about them.

lisa-baroneThis series kicks off with Lisa Barone, VP of Strategy for Overit–or as she’s lovingly known in the industry, The Lisa. Lisa gets the dubious honor of going first because, a) she misses Cup of Joe, and b) she wanted to see something different from me. So kids, let this be a lesson to be careful what you wish for! :-P

Mobile Users Expected to Redeem 10 Billion Coupons This Year

vons coupon appFor years, I’ve subscribed to the Sunday LA Times and the Orange County Register just to get the coupons. Thanks to these glossy bits of goodness, I save around $30 a week on my grocery bill which far outweighs the cost of the paper. But this past Monday, I noticed something. I didn’t cut the coupons on Sunday and I didn’t cut them out the week before either.  And you know what? I might cancel the paper altogether because now, I get all the coupons I need online and on my mobile phone.

A few weeks ago, I downloaded the new Vons grocery store app that lets you see which digital coupons are on your card and add new ones on the fly. It has completely changed the way I grocery shop.

Mobile Mix: 102 Million Mobile Users Play Games on Their Device

angry birds star warsFrom board games to the arcade, to dedicated consoles in our homes, we’ve proven our love of games over the years. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that there are over 100 million mobile gamers in the world.

Millennial Media has dedicated their January Mobile Mix report to the art of the game, noting that it’s been the leading app category for more than a year.

The big news for marketers, ad-supported revenue on game apps grew 119% year-over-year. That’s a lot of quarters.

Smartphones were responsible for 74% of the mobile game ad impressions with 64% coming from an Android device. That was higher than the average for all categories combined.

Super Bowl Viewers’ Attitudes About Ads Mostly Positive

A study conducted just last week gives a little insight as to how viewers lok at the Super Bowl and the ads that are just as much part of the experience for many as the game itself.

Research from BIGinsight on behalf of the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association (RAMA) and repackaged by eMarketer tells us

Attitudes About Super Sunday Ads

No surprises really. What is always a surprise is the wise variety of reactions to the ads as to whether they were effective, entertaining, a waste of time, an embarrassment etc, etc.

Personally, I haven’t seen much that was really all that impressive in recent years. In fact, I am often a little surprised at what people think is a good ad.

FTC Leadership Change Coming. Should Google Be Worried?

google-logoIt was announced late yesterday that the current head of the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is stepping down in the middle of February.

Adweek reports

Federal Trade Commission chairman Jon Leibowitz will step down from the agency in mid-February after eight years in the position.

Many in Washington anticipated his move, announced late Thursday in a number of leading national newspapers, since last year.

But first, Leibowitz had a few things on his “to do” list that he wanted to finish, including closing the agency’s two-year antitrust investigation into Google and passing updated rules to the children’s privacy laws. On Friday, the FTC is expected to release a staff report on mobile privacy and related enforcement action.