Yahoo Finds It Still Gets Attention As Industry Responds to Work-at-Home Edict

There's No Place Like YahooSay what you want about Yahoo! people are still paying attention even if it’s not around their products.

With the gall of someone who simply wants to make their company better, Marissa Mayer’s policy that eliminates the work-at-home culture from the Yahoo employees’ tool belt, has created a stir in the industry. Why? Looks like it’s because people are a little over-reactive, bored, dimwitted or all of the above, quite honestly. reports

Appearing to acknowledge the uproar over its recent move to order telecommuting workers back to the office,¬†Yahoo!¬†issued a brief statement Tuesday to assert that it wasn’t offering a broad judgment on the practice of working from home.

“This isn’t a broad industry view on working from home — this is about what is right for Yahoo right now,” said the statement from a Yahoo spokesperson.

New Google+ Sign-In System Makes Sharing More Interactive and Precise

signin with googleGoogle+ just launched a brand new sign-in system for third party sites that sounds a whole lot like. . . . okay, I won’t say it, but we’re all going to think it anyway. This new sign-in system allows anyone with a Google account (so. . . all but five people on the internet) to login to a third party site with one click (several clicks the first time, but one after that). But it’s more than just an easy button, the new Google+ sign-in system is the next step in social sharing.

The first time you use the sign-in on a site, you’ll be asked to login to your Google account, then choose your permissions.

google permissions

Warning: Using a Mobile Phone While Shopping Leads to Unplanned Purchases

ipsos reason cloudA new IAB study offers more proof that offline retailers needn’t fear the mobile shopper. Sure, they may be using their phone to see if they can find a better price online, but one third of those showroomers made an in-store purchase anyway.

The new report, which was compiled by IpsosMediaCT, doesn’t deny the fact that mobile encourages online shopping, it does reveal a few bright spots for offline retailers.

First off, let’s be clear about the numbers. Only 31% of consumers use a mobile device while shopping in a store. I say “only” because that means that the majority of consumers who walk through your door are going to follow traditional shopping behaviors.

That doesn’t mean you should ignore the wants and needs of the mobile shopper, but it’s good to have perspective.

McAfee Social Protection for Facebook Photos Comes to Android

Sometimes it feels like the concern over Internet security is a bit overplayed.

Other times, however, when presented a certain way it can make some serious sense.

McAfee is in the news not because their founder is running from authorities (although that was somewhat interesting for a while) but because their McAfee Social Protection for Facebook photos is now in Google Play and free for Android devices. Take a look at this video. What’s your take?

Is Foursquare’s Credit Card Deal Too Little Too Late?

Foursquare Burger King Offer VISABe honest, how many of you REALLY use Foursquare?

Yesterday, AdAge reported on a new program being rolled out by the company with Visa and MasterCard that mirrors a program they have had in place for a while with American Express.

Looking to unlock a new revenue stream, Foursquare is announcing new partnerships with Visa and MasterCard that will let credit and debit card holders claim discounts at participating retailers.

The deal is essentially replicating what the company has had in place for going on two years with American Express, a program that enables people to “sync” their credit cards with Foursquare to claim discounts that appear as credits on their statements simply by checking in to a participating location.

AdAge Survey Shows Slow Move Toward More Paid Facebook Advertising

adage facebook marketing 1When you talk to marketers, they often make Facebook sound like a necessary evil. Hardly anyone is thrilled with the format, the sudden changes in visibility or the ROI but the overwhelming majority still use Facebook to promote their business.

Ad Age and CITI conducted a survey of 701 marketers and media execs to find out what they thought about Facebook. They matched their January 2013 results to a survey from last June and found a rise in paid usage.

61% of those surveyed are now using Facebook advertising, that’s up from 55%. A slightly higher percentage said they plan to increase their Facebook ad budget either “modestly” or “significantly” in the coming year.

I’m not sure if that’s a vote of confidence, or an act of capitulation.

Trendrr Reports: Social TV Oscar Activity Tripled (And the Ratings Were Up, Too!)

There’s a warm glow surrounding Hollywood this morning as winners gave upon their gold statuettes and network execs bask in the elevated ratings and social media mentions. The 2013 Oscar broadcast was a success. . . more or less.

Real-time social media tracking company Trendrr not only kept the count, they even provided on-screen graphics showing which celebs were trending on social media throughout the night. (I hope all your employees get the day off tomorrow after this massive effort!)

Here’s the final tally:

trendrr Oscar by the numbers

Things to note: this year’s number includes mentions from Twitter, Facebook, GetGlue and Viggle. Last year Viggle didn’t exist, but it’s still a fair comparison.

Overall, a major jump in social activity during the broadcast.