Android or iOS Biggest Seller? Who Gives a S^$%, They’re Both Very Popular

If you aren’t fed up by now by the conflicting reports as to which mobile OS is top of the heap then you likely have not been paying attention. You should be happy.

The latest company to put their spin on which OS is leading the pack is Kantar as reported by Engadget

Most US smartphone market share estimates last fall saw Apple retake the lead as it rode a wave of iPhone 5 sales. While there was always a question as to how long that trend would last, new data from Kantar Worldpanel supports beliefs that it was really more of a momentary pop. Android reportedly took back the lead at 49.4 percent of American sales between November and January, improving its overall position versus the same month last year. Not that everyone else was necessarily hurting — iOS still had a 45.9 percent slice of the pie, and the continued Windows Phone 8 rollout took Microsoft up to 3.2 percent. The real wounds were dealt to a pre-transition BlackBerry and Nokia’s outgoing Symbian.

Here is the chart

Android Back on Top?

Here’s the bottom line.

Social Ad Budgets Continue to Rise

As one might expect, there are no signs of social media ad spending letting up in 2013. Why should it? It’s new, it’s relatively cheap (complain about that claim in the comments if you feel differently) and it’s ‘what’s hot’. It’s the last one that seems to get the attention of most marketers these days but that’s for another post.

Studies conducted by Digiday for Vizu as reported by eMarketer show that marketers are looking to increase spend. Some of the reasons for doing it, however, raise some questions. First, a look at the spend intentions.

Increase Social Media Ad Spend

Most are not putting a very large percentage of budgets to the efforts. In fact, it would be interesting to see what type of companies are investing higher percentages of budgets. Safe money would be on smaller companies that can’t afford other avenues of advertising.

The Beal Deal with Matt Siltala (@Matt_Siltala)

Hey, you’re back!

I guess you’re enjoying the Beal Deal series of interviews with marketing industry rock stars! Well that’s good, cos this week I get to interview one of my very best industry friends, Avalaunch’s Matt Siltala.


If Matt were a world champion fighter, his tagline would be, “Looks like a viking, hugs like a puppy!” He is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met and also capable of taking everything in his stride. Oh, and he’s a brilliant marketer!

So, let’s get to Matt’s six questions, shall we?

Q1. Let’s dive right in with the meaty questions. “Mat” or “Matt” and why is it that even you can’t seem to make up your mind how to spell it? 

If the Oscars Were Chosen Based on Social Sharing. . .

oscars-2013This Sunday, all eyes will be on Hollywood for the 85th Annual Academy Awards, also known as The Oscars! As they did last year, social media and mobile will play a big part in the festivities.

There’s an official app and ABC is already curating Oscar Tweets, videos, blogs and other digital content on the official home page. Add in the social media coverage by every news and entertainment outlet and that’s a lot of buzz.

Buzz is so important to Hollywood, RadiumOne decided to present a few awards of their own based solely on social sharing.

Of the movies and actors that are actually nominated, here are the ones with the most shares:

  • Best Picture: Silver Lining Playbook
  • Best Actor: Hugh Jackman, Les Miserables

Mobile Mix: iPhone On Top, Samsung Knocks Blackberry Out of Number 2 Spot

2012 year in reviewThe friendly folks over at Millennial Media are my favorite number crunchers. This month, they crunched harder than ever to come up with the 2012 Year-in-Review Mobile Mix report.

Let’s crack into it and see what we can see.

Apple and Samsung both had great years, taking the number one and number two spots for overall ad impressions. Both saw a gain of about 5% year-over-year.

For the first time, Amazon made the top 15 this year claiming the 11th spot with 1.08% of overall ad impressions. Acer also made the cut this year, knocking out Sanyo and Private Label mobile devices.

Looking at specific phones, the iPhone was the top performer growing 72% year-over-year. The award for the most growth goes to the Samsung Galaxy S. They had 182% increase in ad impressions, knocking the Blackberry Curve down to third place.

NewZoo Report: More than Half of All App Revenue is Coming From Games

newzoo spend

“In 2012, two out of every three dollars spent on tablets and smartphones was spent on games.”

That’s a very startling statistic, but according to NewZoo, a marketing research company specializing in the gaming industry, there’s plenty of money to be made in the business as long as you’re on the mobile side.

On the console side, things aren’t looking so good. XBox and Playstation are struggling to stay relevant as more and more consumers trade in their single-purpose, wired devices in favor of more portable options. But on the mobile side, NewZoo’s latest Mobile Games Trend Report shows that even though free games still rule, an increasing number of mobile users are willing to pay to play.

Not All TV Viewers Watch on TVs: Nielsen Looks at Expanding the Ratings System

retro tvI watch a lot of TV, (no surprise to anyone who reads my work) but I don’t watch all of it on a TV. I watch on my iPad. I watch Netflix through my Blu-ray player and sometimes I watch online. Even when I’m watching the TV, I’m not always watching what’s on, as I often watch shows I recorded on the DVR or shows from the On Demand menu.

To think I grew up in a world with three networks, three UHF channels and no recording capabilities.

As fast as the TV landscape is changing, the method by which we measure success has fallen far behind. TV shows are still ranked based on Nielsen ratings which measures the estimated number of people who watched a show live on a TV.