Fill in the Blank: Mobile Twitter Users Are More Likely To . . . .

More than half of all Twitter users, log on with a mobile device at least once a month and that’s good news for marketers. Why? Because Compete found that mobile Twitter users are more likely to reTweet, click, favorite and all around engage with posts on the social media service.

Mobile Blog Post #3


To begin with, mobile users are 86% more likely that the average user to check Twitter several times a day. This makes sense, since it’s easier to pull out your phone and see what’s up than to make your way to a computer. Only 15% said they mainly use a tablet to access Twitter, again, it’s about portability and spontaneous usage, so I’m not surprised.

Google’s Stock Hits $800 Per Share

google-logoOk so it’s not really a piece of Internet marketing news. It’s more a point of interest. Even with the oodles of cash we make here at Marketing Pilgrim, that price is a bit too rich (I finished that sentence with a straight face then burst out laughing followed by a brief period of sobbing but it’s all better now, thanks).

So what about the price (which was $802 at the time of this writing)? Well it’s a good sign that Larry Page is well respected amongst the types of people that determine how rich people get richer. More importantly though is this that comes from an Associated Press story from on the stock

Yelp’s Review Filter According to CEO Jeremy Stoppelman

Yelp is one of the more interesting Internet stories there is in the market today. All at once revered and hated it is an important piece of the SMB and more directly, local Internet marketing landscape.

Yelp’s review filter is one area that gets a lot of attention. In this video, Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman tells Yelps’ side of the story (hat tip to Greg Sterling). Ironically the video is on YouTube which is a Google property which is supposed to be Yelp’s arch enemy in the local space. That is unless of course hosting the video elsewhere wouldn’t get as many views, right?

So this is a nice point of view of the filter and the wonders it does. On the other hand, it’s quite easy for one to discover the dark side of Yelp and some of the supposed abuses it dishes out to business owners.

Burger King’s Twitter Feed Gets McHacked: But McDonalds Could Be the Real Loser


Today was a holiday for many corporate workers, but not those who head up the Burger King marketing department. A hacker took over their Twitter feed this morning, changed the profile name and photo to McDonalds then began sending out obnoxious Tweets. As if the hat tip to their competitor wasn’t bad enough, later Tweets included references to drug use and included racial slurs.

The account has since been shut down but the footprint lingers on. . . . when you search for Burger King’s Twitter in Google you get. . .

mcburgerIt’s annoying, but it’s doubtful that the hack will hurt the business. In fact, it could help. According to CNET, the Twitter account gained 25,000 new followers during the hack. I wonder if Burger King will get to keep those followers when the site is reset or will they roll back to zero? Twitter has to have a back-up, right?

NBC’s The Biggest Loser Teams with Pinterest for Second Screen Content

When it comes to social engagement with TV viewers, Twitter is usually the platform of choice, but NBC’s The Biggest Loser is trying something new – Pinterest.

Starting tonight, the series will direct viewers to log on to Pinterest for instructional content based on the episode. Pop-ups will appear on screen whenever the contestants taste a new healthy recipe, try a new exercise or learn a lifestyle tip. Once they hit the Pinterest page, they’ll find matching content all delivered through big graphics and simple text.

NBC refers to this partnership as the “first-of-its-kind” and in a way, it is. The Biggest Loser already has a healthy presence on Pinterest with more than 41,000 followers, but the current content is just a large selection of photos from the series.

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Amazon Fires Contractor and Gets Ahead of Corporate Reputation Concerns

Amazon-LogoMaybe Amazon is taking a real lesson from fellow corporate giant Apple and their seemingly endless woes with having Foxconn as a manufacturer of some of the world’s most popular products. The massive online retailer is getting out in front of what could be a blown up out of proportion situation (as just about anything and everything is these days anyway) by cutting ties with a German company of questionable character.

The Washington Post reports

Online retailer Amazon reacted to mounting criticism Monday by firing a security company named in a German television documentary about alleged mistreatment of foreign temporary workers.

An Amazon spokeswoman in Germany said the company had ended its relationship with Hensel European Security Services “with immediate effect.”