Google Gets Funny As The Internship Movie Trailer Is Released

This looks like fun. Let’s pray that the trailer isn’t all there is to the movie but that’s a chance I bet more than a few digital marketing types will take.

If only this could really happen but, hey, stranger things have happened. I think ……..

Android Gets Google Now Upgrade on Google Search App

There’s a new TV commercial that makes me seriously consider turning in my iPhone in favor of a Nexus 4. The ad shows people all over the world getting more out of life thanks to the Google Now app on their phone. It is, as my son would say, “so epic.” (And now that I’ve mentioned him twice in one day, he’s going to expect royalties.)

Take a look:

google search nowYou can get all of this goodness packed into the updated Google Search for Android app.

If you didn’t watch the video, here’s the concept. A single app that delivers a wide range of information related to where you are and what you’re doing at the time. If you’re at the airport, it displays gate information and flight times. At the movies, you get Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews and digital ticket access through Fandango. If you’re shopping for a new home, you can even get real estate listings through Zillow – delivered automatically.

Windows 8 and the New York Times Explore New Concepts in Advertising

swipe upWhen my son was little, we had a computer program called Living Books: Arthur’s Teacher Troubles. Each page had a variety of objects you could click on which would make them do different things. Doors opened, ballerina’s danced and cookies jumped up and sang do-wop style. We loved it and who wouldn’t. There’s something irresistible about interacting with information on a page.

Before the computer, it was the pop-up book with paper sliders and doors and spinners. Now, we have the tablet.

Tablets are the perfect interactive device. With a tablet, you can manipulate data with your fingers, watch video with a poke and listen to the sound of what’s on the page. The only things missing are smells and texture. But as far as we’ve come, we still have a long way to go toward creating content that truly takes advantage of a tablet’s abilities.

Here’s a Chart That Should Make Apple Cringe

The world is becoming increasingly mobile. Mobility isn’t just about having a phone it’s about having a smartphone since true mobility is that which allows end users to get the world’s information at their beck and call and not just the ability to phone or text someone.

The two biggest players in the smartphone world are Apple (iOS) and Android. Apple started the craze and set the standard with the introduction of the iPhone about a billion years ago. For a good while it held the top spot and was unmatched by seemingly inferior Android products.

Well, if the chart below from Gartner (link is to report that is for sale) is to be trusted, Apple is losing its grip on being the lead dog at least from a sales perspective. Actually, let’s just be honest here and say they have lost their grip.

Smartphone Sales to End Users Feb 2013 Gartner

The increase in Android device sales from Q4 2011 to Q4 2012 is almost staggering.

Amazon Gets Top Reputation Rank Amongst Most Visible Companies

Harris Interactive has released its 14th annual Reputation Quotient (RQ) Study which measures the reputations of the most visible companies in the US.

The top spot in 2013 list (below left) goes to Amazon. Google and Apple both slipped in the rankings from 2012 (below right) with Apple having one of the largest point drops year-over-year in the list overall.

2013 Top Reputations
2013 Top 15 Reputation Ranked Companies Harris

2012 Top Reputations
2012 Top 15 RQ

The red box around UPS indicates that it doesn’t show up anywhere on the 2013 list after its top 10 of 2012. Ouch.

Reappearing on the list after falling out of the Top 60 in 2012 was Facebook coming in at #42.

One of the more disturbing findings (in my opinion of course) of this particular report is what elements are now viewed as characteristics that make one see a company as great. Look at the change from 2011 to 2013.

Holy Impulse Buying! American Express Launches Twitter Shopping

amex syncHave you ever skimmed your Twitter feed and thought, wow, if only I could buy an Amazon Kindle just by replying to a Tweet? No? Me, neither. But American Express is making it happen anyway with Amex Sync for stuff. (That’s not exactly what they call it, but it fits.)

Here’s how it works. You see an offer on the American Express Twitter feed that you want. You Tweet using the assigned hashtag. Confirm your Tweet and bam, the item is on its way to you.

It’s a little more complicated than that – but not much, and that’s both cool and scary.

Survey Shows Marketer’s Plan to Increase YouTube and Pinterest Presence

A little over half of the businesses in a recent survey said they were using YouTube to market their brand. But of all the social media options, it’s the one they predicted to have the most growth in the coming year.

nectarom-usage increase

Nectar Online Media and the Social Media Clubs surveyed 400 social media decision makers to find out what’s hot and what will be hotter in the coming years.

As you can see from the chart, Facebook was the all around favorite with 93% of respondents saying they currently maintain a branded page. 38% said they buy Facebook ads, what’s even more interesting is that the same percentage use promoted posts. That’s a pretty big number for a marketing concept that a lot of people shot down when it was unveiled.