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Google is expanding is Project Glass reach by opening up the opportunity to take a look at the world through Google colored glasses to more people.

It’s a little more than just filling out a form though since Google is trying to find the cool kids and not let the average Joe bore them to death with their mundane existence. Sounds a bit harsh but why else would you show this video and create a process to prove why you are worthy of spending $1,500 to be part of the project?

Want in? Go to the application page. Here’s what you need to know if you are not into it at this very moment

  • Your application must be 50 words or less
  • You must include #ifihadglass in your application
  • You can include up to 5 photos with your application
  • You can include a short video (15 secs max)
  • Be sure to follow us on Google+ (+ProjectGlass) or Twitter (@projectglass) so that we can contact you directly
  • You must be at least 18 years old and live in the U.S. to apply
  • For more details, please see our full Terms and FAQ

Also, the deadline is Febrary 27th and you need to be able to pay $1,500 for the glasses AND be at a special event where they are given to you in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Are you going to give it a go? Will you have what it takes to be picked to be part of Project Glass? Don’t take it personally if you don’t. It may just mean you didn’t pass the credit check (I’m kidding! I think …..)