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ipsos reason cloudA new IAB study offers more proof that offline retailers needn’t fear the mobile shopper. Sure, they may be using their phone to see if they can find a better price online, but one third of those showroomers made an in-store purchase anyway.

The new report, which was compiled by IpsosMediaCT, doesn’t deny the fact that mobile encourages online shopping, it does reveal a few bright spots for offline retailers.

First off, let’s be clear about the numbers. Only 31% of consumers use a mobile device while shopping in a store. I say “only” because that means that the majority of consumers who walk through your door are going to follow traditional shopping behaviors.

That doesn’t mean you should ignore the wants and needs of the mobile shopper, but it’s good to have perspective.

Most people, even those who intended to buy online eventually, went to the store to see the product in person. This was particularly true for electronics. Convenience and price were also big motivating factors for an in-store visit. It’s interesting to note that only 27% said they went to a store for customer service. (Which is a good thing since most stores don’t offer much in the way of customer service these days.)

27% went to the store, fully intending to leave and then buy the item online. 58% intended to buy in store.

Now, here’s good news for everyone:

ipsos mobile shopping

This slide alone, shows you the impact mobile has on shopping across the board. 65% said they were “more likely to buy.” Why? Because with mobile, they feel well informed. They feel confident that they’ve made the right decision because they’ve seen the reviews and the competitor’s pricing. So instead of second guessing themselves, they’re pulling out the credit card and completing the deal.

The study also found that mobile shoppers who did in-store research tend to spend more money than non-mobile shoppers.

Talking consumer electronics:

  • Mobile researcher average sale: $1,539
  • Without a mobile device: $929

Not bad at all.

Here’s my favorite piece of data from the study:

ipsos mobile impulse

Mobile shoppers have low impulse control. Okay, that’s not really what it says. . . but look at the numbers. 32% of mobile shoppers bought something they didn’t plan on buying while in a store. Without mobile, it’s 7%.

It works for online, too. 22% of mobile shoppers made an unplanned purchase online versus only 3% of non-wired shoppers.

The point here, is that instead of worrying about shoppers walking around with mobile phones in your store, embrace them. Offer free WiFi. Arm your salespeople with tablets and encourage shoppers to read reviews and compare prices. If necessary, remind them that the discounted online price pops back up when you add in shipping, plus there’s the wait time so. . . . a good deal isn’t always a good deal.

Want more information? You can download the IAB study,  “Showrooming: Empowering Consumer Electronics Shoppers” free of charge, just click here: (They won’t even ask for your contact info. Just click and consume.)