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ooyala live videoOnline video management service Ooyala just released their 2012 Year-End Video Index Report, which summarizes the video viewing behavior of 200 million unique viewers in 130 countries. I’d say that’s a pretty good sampling, wouldn’t you?

Many of their conclusions are one’s we’ve heard before; more people are watching digital video, more people are watching on their mobile devices. But they also found a few behavioral quirks such as this one:

In Q4 2012, viewers watched live video content 18 times longer on desktops, five times longer on tablets, and four times longer on mobile devices versus VOD content on those same devices.

It’s expected that people tune in live for sporting events and concerts, but could this work for Small Business Bobby? Live video is compelling and more engaging – if only because people are hoping to see a mistake. But live also gives you the opportunity to interact in real time with your videos. This is the basis of Google+ Hangouts and it’s working. President Obama used the service to answer questions after the State of the Union. If he can make it work, so can you.

Live is good.

Holiday Highs

Another interesting behavior was an increase in video ad engagement beginning just after Black Friday and ending mid-December. .

ooyala branded video holiday

At the peak, branded video conversions were up 91% over the start of the quarter. The assumption is that video viewers were on the hunt for holiday gifts, so they gladly clicked through on ads for popular retailers. All the more proof that video ads do convert when they’re properly targeted.

The Long and the Short

Short form video also got a boost but after the holidays rather than before. Short form video viewing on connected TVs and gaming consoles rose 500% after Christmas. Tablet viewing was up 73% over the average.

Long form video accounted for 82% of all video viewed with a connected TV or gaming console. Tablet users spent 63% of their time watching videos longer than ten minutes.

Tablet and mobile phone viewing doubled in 2012. iPhone users were especially busy, taking up 67% of all mobile phone video viewing time.

The downside to mobile is that it has the worst engagement. Less than one third of all viewers watched a video through to the end. Tablets are marginally better, desktop better than that but connected TVs and gaming consoles kept people engaged the longest. This obviously has to do with the level of comfort. When you’re sitting on the couch in your living room with snacks and a drink, watching video on a large screen, you’re much more likely to stay through to the end.

If you’d like more information, visit Ooyala and ask them if you can download the full report. They’ll say, ‘sure’ and it’s yours.