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MP LogoHello, everyone. Just wanted to give you quick reminder of all the places you can get the latest digital marketing news, job information, great guest posts, channel sponsorships, content marketing opportunities and more from the folks here at Marketing Pilgrim.

Also, be on the lookout for a reader survey that will have a prize or three that might even make you fill it out.

Ways to get the latest industry news and opinion from Marketing Pilgrim:

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Marketing Pilgrim on Google+ Help us! (Be patient since we have admittedly been VERY lax on G+ (ok, non-existent but that’s on us) and would welcome your input as to how to best serve you through this channel. Oh and leave all snide ‘Google+ is a ghost town’ comments to yourself. No one hears those anymore because they are just shrill, uninformed noise.

Finding a job on Marketing Pilgrim:

Internet and social media marketing job board at Marketing Pilgrim

Finding a great new employee using Marketing Pilgrim:

List available Internet and social media marketing jobs at Marketing Pilgrim for just $27 per month per listing

MP AdAge Power150 2.18.13Using Marketing Pilgrim as part of your content marketing strategy (we used to only say ‘advertising with Marketing Pilgrim’ but that’s so 2012):

Channel sponsorship opportunities with Marketing Pilgrim

Making the world a better place with Marketing Pilgrim:

Hmmmmm, not sure we have one of those yet. Your happiness in this life is of interest to us but, heck, we’re not going to be responsible for it. We have limits :-).