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Social networking should be about sharing content with people who like what you like. I get that from Twitter. But Facebook has strayed from this mission in spite of numerous flag waving about how they were going to add all kinds of fun functionality.

They’re waving that flag again.

Facebook is rolling out a new design for your “About” page to give you “a place for things you care about.” You know, the important things in life like music, movies, and books.

Here’s the how the new sections will look:

add movies facebook

You’re not required to choose those movies. . . they’re just a suggestion and I must say, whoever has those on their favorites list has very eclectic taste! You’ll be able to add movies through Netflix and Flixster or click on movies you see on other people’s favorites lists.

add book facebookWhat I like best is the option to choose “Want to Watch” instead of “Watched.” I’m always forgetting about good movies I want to see, so this could be an easy way to keep a running list.

The numbers in the graphic add up to almost 400 entries which makes me wonder if there’s a cap. Can I really keep a running list of every movie I’ve ever watched? I’ve always wanted to do that, so — cool.

Facebook says there will be other app options including Instagram. I need one for TV. (Seriously, you can’t list movies and ignore TV!)

To set this up, you need to go to your own profile, then click “About.” If you profile has been upgraded, you should find an “Edit” pen in the upper right corner to edit the sections. The area should also prepopulate if you already talk about media in your timeline or if you have apps that feed your timeline.

Once again, I’m left behind because I can’t see any of this. And even though I have Netflix, I couldn’t get it to feed Facebook.

Column Switch

Facebook also just came to the conclusion we all came to months ago – running posts on two columns with additional boxes for data makes it hard to read. So, they’re going to go to the dedicated column system – all activity on the left, all posts on the right.

facebook new timeline design


Even though we read from left to right, blogging has trained us to differentiate between sidebar and content. I never understood why Facebook insisted on mixing the two. I hope this change will also apply to brand pages but the announcement doesn’t say.

Both of these changes feel like a return to how Facebook was a year or more ago. I’m happy about that. I feel like, in recent months, they’ve let the form overtake the function and that’s never a good thing.

I’m looking forward to the change. How about you?

  • Marie

    All of a sudden my ‘movie’ apt for movies I’ve watched or want to watch won’t let me post. Of course there is no one to talk to about this…any suggestions please contact me at