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Take notice, my fine readers, today is a banner day – I’m going to say something nice about Facebook.

After years of wishing and hoping, Facebook just implemented replies to comments. Yes, you heard it right. Now you can directly respond to a comment whether it’s first, last or somewhere in the middle. Look:

facebook reply

This is huge, especially if you use Facebook to respond to customer service questions. But it’s also the only way to start a true conversation between a group of followers. And once you get a conversation going, Facebook will bump that bit up to the top of the page.

Note that the comments do not appear in the same order for everyone. Facebook bases the results on three things:

  • Positive Feedback: the amount of positive feedback based on the total number of Likes and Replies in a conversation thread, which includes Likes or Replies by the Page owner.
  • Connections: connections to participants in a thread may move the conversation higher. For example, conversations with Comments left by friends may appear at the top.
  • Negative Feedback: the total number of spam reports in a thread, as well as marks-as-spam made by the Page owner. We also may down-rank comments made by frequent spammers.

Comment replies will be enabled on all Pages starting on July 10, 2013. If you want the feature now, you can turn it on by going to “Edit Page”, then “Manage Permissions.” The checkbox is near the bottom.

allow replies

Once you click the box (don’t forget to save your changes), all posts going forward will have the reply ability. Right now, it’s only available on the web but they plan to migrate the feature to mobile in the future.

Finally, a Facebook feature that works for the Page owner, not against him.

Ways to Use Reply to Comments:

1. Customer service replies – encourage your customers to leave their questions on a Support Post. Now it will be easy to see which questions have been answered and which haven’t.

2. Interview Post – invite your followers to chat with someone from your company or a related celeb by leaving questions in the comment section then come back later to read their personalized reply.

3. ??? – what’s another great use for reply to comments? Let us know it the section below.

  • chrisnine11

    So far I have noticed one problem with this feature…. Comments/replies are then placed in random order. Apparently whatever comment has the most replies goes to the top of the conversation ‘chain’. I have seen this make conversations on pages impossible to follow/understand becasue you are reading things out of order. If Facebook would leave comments in chronological order I agree this is a great change – otherwise, not so much.