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HouseOfIdeas_MindyBest3Imagine Spring Break for the artsy-techy crowd — that’s the South by Southwest Conference & Festival, better known as SXSW.

It began in 1987 in Austin, Texas and it was all about the indie music scene. In 1994, they expanded to include independent film and interactive media and now it’s turned into a lollapalooza of grand ideas that straddle the worlds of media and tech.

This year’s schedule includes a variety of panels on apps, social media and startups, for example; “Go Fund Yourself,” “The Secret Dangers of Online Influence Marketing,” and ‘Warhol Goes Social: Creativity in the Tech Age.”

I wish I could be there, but I’m here with breaking news from Fandango.

The online movie ticketing company debuted their new movie buzz indicator at the conference. It’s called Fanticipation, “a first-of-its-kind tool to measure moviegoer excitement and help predict the films that will connect with fans at the weekend box office.”

Each week, Fandango will sift through a mountain of data including online and mobile traffic to their site, advance ticket sales and social media engagement. Then, they’ll use this data to produce the weekly Fanticipation top list.


You’ll find the chart on the Fandango website and it will also be a topic of discussion on their new, weekly digital video series “Weekend Ticket.”

“Weekend Ticket” starts out like any other movie review show but there’s a special marketing twist. As they watch the show, viewers will be able to click straight through to Fandango’s advance ticketing system.

Dave Karger , Fandango’s Chief Correspondent said,

“Our goal with ‘Weekend Ticket’ is to connect moviegoers with the perfect film based on what kind of experience they’re looking for.  Along with my own recommendations on each week’s releases, I’m excited to have input from the film’s stars, as well as from Fandango’s engaged audience and our new data on movie buzz from Fanticipation.”

It’s all around smart. We know people respond to social recommendations. They’re probably more likely to see a film based on fan buzz rather than the recommendation of a movie critic. Once they have them hooked on a film, they drive them straight to the online ticket booth. That’s how you make digital commerce work. It’s fast and it’s now — get the sale while they’re excited and don’t give them time to think up reasons not to go to the movies.

Guess I’ll be seeing Oz: The Great and Powerful this weekend. How about you?