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From Game to Game Graphic

ACC Infographic BCLiving in ACC territory as I do there is no avoiding the impact of college basketball.

Of course, being a Boston College alum also puts me in the position of trying to find something / anything to cheer for. It just so happens that in the opening game of today’s ACC Basketball Tournament, BC gave me a rare treat and won. What was even better was that they spotted Georgia Tech 14 points before ending up beating the Yellow Jackets 84-64.

So what’s the marketing message here? It’s how the ACC turned the game into an infographic (called a game graphic) and put it on their site. I was exposed to it on Facebook. As a sports fan the visualization of the game data in this fashion was unique and it really added to the game experience. First, take a look at a traditional box score.

Box Score Plain

What the ACC is doing is taking that data and turning it into an experience which makes it much more palatable and it now becomes something that people might share (the ACC is trying to get traction for #ACCgameGraphic on Twitter). Compare the stats above to the full ACC game graphic here.

ACC Game Graphic

I don’t know if this is the first time this type of data visualization of an event has been used. I do know it’s the first time I have seen it and I like it….a lot.

Congratulations to the ACC for taking numbers and making them pop. What are you doing to make your every day data something that comes to life and helps your customers understand you better?