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Jack Black Google Play Info CardsPop up videos. VH1’s and MTV’s contribution to filling millions of minds with more useless information than music already offers was (and still is to a degree) a cultural phenomenon. Who doesn’t want silly, sarcastic tidbits that can be used to pass the time after taking part in things that might set the mood for such a productive use of time? Think about it.

While not offering the edge that pop up vids carries Google Play’s Movies and TV App is giving viewers a chance to get more information about stuff and things related to the movies they watch on Google Play. The Android Official blog tells us

We’ve added info cards to the Google Play Movies & TV app so you can easily learn more about the actors, related films and even what song is playing in many of your favorite movies. When you’re watching a film on your tablet, simply press pause and cards will pop up with information about actors on screen. You can tap on an actor’s face to learn more about him, like his age, place of birth, his character in the movie, and his recent work, or scroll through the info cards to learn more about the movie or soundtrack. When you resume the movie, the cards will disappear.

Interesting stuff if you need that kind of data to make your moving watching experience more informative. Of course, since you control whether you see it or not does make it much more appealing. But really, who doesn’t want to know more about Jack Black, right?!

As marketers I think it would be pretty cool to take this same idea to add an extra layer of information to video demos etc that could help those who want to get more information that might ultimately help them make a decision for your solution.

What’s your take? Would you buy a movie on Google Play because you can get this feature? Does your marketing need something like this to help people get more from it?

  • I love this feature. I’m always looking IMDB to find out where I’ve seen those actors before. Now if only I could get this on my TV.

  • This is really interesting post.