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google-plusMany Google+ users jumped on the search giant’s social network yesterday and
found a completely new layout waiting for them when they accessed their profile

The profile page, a standard feature on any social network, was redesigned
according to feedback that Google gleaned from users. It also introduces features commonly found on other networks in an attempt to broaden the appeal of the growing platform.

Here’s a look at what’s included in the changes.

New, Larger Cover Photo

One of the first things users notice when accessing their profile pages is the larger and
more prominent cover photo. Google had long offered two options for cover photo
styles: the filmstrip and the banner cover photo. With today’s change, everyone is
moving to a significantly larger cover photo that measures 2,120 pixels x 1,192 pixels.
This gives the most creative among us more room to work with to stand out from the

A “Cards” Style Design for the About Tab

Google+ update

The “about” page on the profile saw a significant change. Google Plus is moving
towards a “cards” style display of content in each section. This should make the content
a little easier to read. Additionally, the “Work” section includes a new feature: skills.
Much in the same way you can list skills on your LinkedIn profile, you can now list skills
on your Google Plus profile. Is Google shooting across the bow at LinkedIn to make a
play in the business networking world? Only time will tell, but I’ve heard some chatter today on Google+ that this could be the beginning of greater customization of the “What’s Hot” and the “trending” elements.

A Tab for “Reviews”

Google has driven hard at consolidating the online review universe and bringing it under
the Google+ umbrella. Now they’ve provided extra visibility to the places you review
by stashing them all under a single tab. No doubt they are trying to encourage more
reviews as well as checking out the places those in your circles have reviewed as I’m
certain this will fuel the strength of Google search.

The changes are slowly rolling out, so if you don’t have them yet, just be patient as they
should arrive to you soon. For those that already have the changes, what are your
thoughts? Do you like the new layout? Is it easier to use? If you’re not on Google Plus,
does this make you more inclined to use the social network?


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