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news-flashAt SMX West Google’s own Matt Cutts has told attendees to get ready for further updates to the updates, so to speak, as Penguin and Panda search algorithm changes are on tap and link networks should be soiling themselves ahead of Google’s further attempts to make them go away.

Search Engine Land‘s Barry Schwartz reports

Matt said that there will be a large Penguin update in 2013 that he thinks will be one of the more talked about Google algorithm updates this year. Google’s search quality team is working on a major update to the Penguin algorithm, which Cutts called very significant.

This information was offered while Cutts was on a panel discussing, what else, search. He warned that you should not only be aware of changes to algorithms associated with flightless water-fowl but also cute cuddly Pandas as well

Matt also announced there will be a Panda algorithm update this coming Friday (March 15th) or Monday (March 18th). The last Panda update was version 24 on January 22nd, which is one of the longer spans of time between Panda refreshes we’ve seen in a long time.

And as if that wasn’t enough information to make the average SEO reach for a Xanax fix, he fired a shot across the bow of everyone’s favorite Internet marketing players, link networks. Essentially, he said that a large link network (and those attached to it willingly or unwittingly) will get a Google shoe in the rear end in the next couple of weeks. He didn’t say which one of course, hence the fun (Which is not exactly evil but it is a bit devious. Way to ride the line Matt!)

So be ready SEO’s everywhere – you’ve been warned (in a vague Googly kinda way).

  • Ken Durham

    I say bring it on as every time they do an update my SERPs increase (knocking on wood). But thanks for the heads up and stay off those link networks!

  • OMG another one. It is so hard to keep up with the recent changes. When your livelihood relies on the internet, the changes can be devastating. Thanks for the heads up. Here we go again


  • Penguin and panda both Coming … one Soon and other
    later… I Read it First With seround table Where Thoughts Entitled As “Google’s
    Cutts: Next Generation Penguin Update Will Be Big”

    Penguin Updated three times

    Penguin 1 on April 24,

    Penguin 2 on May 24, 2012

    Penguin 3 on October 5,

    And Next Will Be Announced probably in last months of year

    All Web masters need to pay Attention towards more perfection

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