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Infographic for SXSW : Grumpy Cat Beats Al Gore

SXSW By the NumbersNow what would be REALLY interesting is if there were actual video of Grumpy Cat beating Al Gore but no such luck. Instead we have to settle for this infographic from the folks at the Salesforce Marketing Cloud by way of Adweek.

I will make the incredibly uncool admission that I have never attended any SXSW outing so I can’t totally grasp what this means. I suspect it means that I am woefully uncool but my kids remind of that often so that’s not exactly breaking news.

Were you in attendance for the digital side of the SXSW ledger? Is what you see here in this infographic in line with your experience? Share your experience with us in the comments so folks like myself can stand in awe and wonder of what was missed in Austin.