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How companies choose to advertise is always fascinating to other marketers especially when that ad is attempting to help fight what might appear to many to be an uphill battle.

In the world of mobile we talk about two platforms primarily: Apple’s iOS and Android. Of course, there are other platforms and the one that seems to be trying the hardest to break into the game with the big boys is Microsoft’s Mobile Windows. It’s a common theme from Microsoft who seems to be playing catch up in most everything that is becoming more important as the years go by.

Here is a new ad from Microsoft that will be running during the NCAA Tournament. The gist is that the camera on the Nokia Lumia 920 is better than the Samsung S3

It’s a very ‘surfacey’ approach to competing with Samsung (notice there was no taking on the iPhone’s camera either). Like most Microsoft Internet or mobile related ads these days they come off as a bit desperate. A comment on the YouTube page for this video is telling

Keefer Rourke YouTube comment

I am still rooting for Microsoft in most areas to challenge Google and any other top tier Internet players because the more true competition there is the better for everyone. Like back in the day when Fox was wedging its way in to becoming the 4th major network it offered competition and forced others to at least try to up their game. If Microsoft can make a true dent in the iOS, Android and all others world we live in then wouldn’t the consumer benefit ultimately?

So how do you respond to Microsoft advertising these days as they try to convince the world that what they have to offer is worth leaving their Android, and implied but not mentioned, Apple devices behind? Is their tone striking the right chord or is it working to against them?

You’re the marketing experts, so what’s your take?

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  • junkyard geek

    Camera is the no. 1 must have in a cellphone. But alas, my Nokia 920 has excellent navigation apps, a sensitive screen that I can use my glove during winter, a wireless charging to save me hassle when I get home drunk dropping off bed, and when I wake in the morning I can easily check my integrated Office apps and social network. Do I have to bother swiping on endless array of dead icons? At least I have Live Tiles.

  • Pedal_Harder

    Sure the camera in great but there are a lot of other reasons to get a Windows Phone that just makes it better. (speaking from coming from iOS and a G S3 over the last 3 years)

  • will

    Nokia Lumia is best mobile out there, and yes the camera is best. but its got more than the camera going for it. windows 8 is awesome. Nokia rocks, and when it rocks it shakes the cheapmplastic of all other devices.

  • Pedal_Harder

    Seems like a strange question…”is the camera enough”, as if you are making some kind of concession to go with the Windows Phone. Having owned both iPhone and the Galaxy the concession is staying with one of rephrase the title..”is the app selection enough to go with iOS or Android”

    • FrankReed

      Well you might have to take that up with Microsoft since that is the path they chose to do battle with Samsung. I’m just sharing what the people who are supposedly ‘in the know’ are doing.