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jiwire public wifiOver the weekend, my husband and I pulled into a shopping center to get lunch. We had a choice of two places and I chose the one that had WiFi.

Yikes. When did I become that person? You know, the one who sits at a restaurant table with cell phone in hand, texting and checking email between courses.

I take comfort in knowing that I’m not alone. According to a new study by JiWire, mobile usage on public WiFi has increased 53% in the last 12 months.

Looking specifically at stores with WiFi, almost 80% of people said that the availability of in-store WiFi influenced where they shop.

Mostly, shoppers wanted WiFi so they could check prices, read product reviews and look for coupons. That last behavior is one I find myself doing more often. I now routinely use store specific apps while shopping in order to get the best deals. It’s a switch over from paper coupons, not a switch I’m entirely comfortable with yet, but it’s becoming a habit.

The good news about in-store WiFi is that connecting to the store’s own website is the fourth most popular activity.

And if you don’t believe that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, look at the difference gender makes in mobile shopping behavior.

jiwire gender


Money and Mobile

The JiWire study also showed an increase in mobile wallet usage. 51% of people say they’ve used mobile to pay and that’s up 38% over the numbers from Q1 of 2012.

Paypal is way ahead of the pack with Amazon payments coming up second. Only 10% said they’ve used Google Wallet and that goes along with the 11% who said they don’t know what a mobile wallet is. I think that number is too low because people have differing opinions on what a mobile wallet actually is. If I were to answer the question, I’d say I’ve never used a mobile wallet – meaning, I’ve never used my phone to pay for an item in a store. I use Paypal to pay online but I don’t consider that mobile. If I can walk up to the credit card terminal, wave my phone over it, push a button and done – that’s a mobile wallet.

Two Tablet or Not Two Tablet

Of all the questions and answers in this survey, there was one that totally blew me away.

“If you already own a tablet, do you plan to purchase another one?”

72% said YES!

A huge portion of the connected world doesn’t even own a tablet, yet tablet owners are looking to pick up a second unit. I’ll admit, I’ve considered it, but the redundancy and cost has kept me from making the move. The iPad was the top choice for the next purchase with a whopping 74.6% of the vote. The next in line was the Samsung Galaxy with only 11%. Kindle Fire came in fourth with only 8.5%

This leads me to believe that many iPad users are planning on buying an upgraded unit. Though I suppose some of the respondents could be people who bought a cheaper brand tablet and now want to make the move up to the king of all tablets.

Interested in learning more? You can see the full JiWire Mobile Audience Insights Report when you click this link right here.