Large Portion of Shoppers Say In-Store WiFi Influences Where They Shop

jiwire public wifiOver the weekend, my husband and I pulled into a shopping center to get lunch. We had a choice of two places and I chose the one that had WiFi.

Yikes. When did I become that person? You know, the one who sits at a restaurant table with cell phone in hand, texting and checking email between courses.

I take comfort in knowing that I’m not alone. According to a new study by JiWire, mobile usage on public WiFi has increased 53% in the last 12 months.

Looking specifically at stores with WiFi, almost 80% of people said that the availability of in-store WiFi influenced where they shop.

Google Maps Update for iPhone Released

Maps Blog iPhone App UpdateRemember back in the day when Google Maps wasn’t even available on iOS and the new Apple Maps was received with such vigor (-ous contempt)? All those long months ago in the Ice Age of the Internet (October 2012 or thereabouts) people from around the world were singing the praises of Apple Maps……not.

Oh how times have changed. Here we are now in the future, some 4 Internet months or so and now all is well with the world again. Google Maps, the app, is allowed in the walled garden that is the Kingdom of Apple and today even announced some upgrades for its iPhone apps. Oh joy.

The Google Maps blog (formerly the LatLong blog) reports

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Richie Norton The Power of Starting Something StupidIt’s been a while since we gave away free books here on Marketing Pilgrim, but we have a great one for you today.

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On Twitter, Are Reactions to Events a True Reading of the Public at Large?

Social media is maturing in many ways. Much of that maturity is being seen in how marketers look at each individual social media channel and make a decision aout whether they need to be there or not. After all, if your customers are not there why do you need to be? (Oh yea, that’s right because your local social media guru said you HAVE to be there or you’re not cool).

The Pew Research Center has put out some fascinating findings about the nature of Twitter responses to events versus the actual public opinion of the event. PLEASE NOTE: What you are about to read is research. It’s not a political position or anything else, it’s reporting of the facts. If you don’t agree take it up with Pew not us.

Essentially Pew found that Twitter’s interpretation of events is significantly skewed to a liberal point of view and is often not fully representative of general public opinion. An example from the report shows


This should come as little surprise since Twitter has a much greater concentration of users in urban areas which traditionally are more liberal in their social views. It also tends to skew younger which will serve a more liberal base. That’s not a social media phenomenon folks, it’s been that way forever.

Google Releases New Click to Download App Ad

google app promotionIt’s hard to stand out in a crowd, especially if you’re a brand new mobile app from a small company but Google is here to help. They’ve just released a new AdWords add that lets users download an app directly from iTunes or the Google Play store.

Seriously, Google, you’re not going to leave a dollar on the table are you?

Google’s been using Click-to-Download ads since 2010 (can you believe it), but this new version makes the process easier and smarter.

The biggest change is in the delivery. The new system is designed to show the ad only to the right type of mobile user. Promoting an iPhone app, it won’t show up on an Android phone. Not iPad friendly, the app ad will only show up on an iPhone.

Survey Says: Nearly 4 in 10 Women Have Decreased or Stopped Using Social Media

women in social media iconRemember the Roman Empire? It was the most influential force in the world. The place everyone wanted to be. The center of all news, art, commerce. Then it wasn’t (see “fall of the Roman Empire“). It was kind of like MySpace – burning bright, then burned out.

Do you think the same might happen to Twitter? To Facebook?

A new survey from Weber Shandwick says it could be so. They questioned 2,000 North American women and found this startling fact:

Nearly four in 10 North American women (38 percent) have decreased or stopped their usage of one or more social networks during the past six months.

Why did they step away?

  • 59% “Just not interested/lost interest”
  • 35% “no time/too busy”

Enamored With Social Media Marketing? Don’t Forget Search and Email

Social media marketing is top of mind with everyone today and for good reason. It’s new(ish) and it’s exciting. It’s also the hip and ‘in thing’ to be associated with if you are a marketer.

The question to ask yourself though is this, “Is my concentration on social media marketing taking my efforts away from places that, while much less sexy, have the majority of Internet users using them?”

Sadly, if many marketers are being honest, the answer would be yes. Money is being redistributed within online budgets to pay for social media ads because the big players like Facebook and Twitter are pushing it hard. Why? They need revenue and lots of it. At what price? Just look at the impact changes at Facebook regarding advertising have had on engagement for one New York Times writer.

So what might marketers be overlooking in this rush to be all things social? Good old search and email marketing. These numbers from eMarketer around the adoption rate of both are hard to ignore.


US Email Users 2012 to 2017


US Search Engine Users 2012 to 2017