Facebook Adds Reply to Comment Feature: A Cheer Rises Up Across the Land!

Take notice, my fine readers, today is a banner day – I’m going to say something nice about Facebook.

After years of wishing and hoping, Facebook just implemented replies to comments. Yes, you heard it right. Now you can directly respond to a comment whether it’s first, last or somewhere in the middle. Look:

facebook reply

This is huge, especially if you use Facebook to respond to customer service questions. But it’s also the only way to start a true conversation between a group of followers. And once you get a conversation going, Facebook will bump that bit up to the top of the page.

Note that the comments do not appear in the same order for everyone. Facebook bases the results on three things:

LinkedIn Teaches Its Old Search Engine Some New Tricks

LinkedIn-Logo-02Can you imagine how many data points there are in a system such as LinkedIn or Facebook? All those profiles, posts, pictures, events, comments, approval ratings. . . yes, that’s why they call it big data. In order to efficiently use big data, you have to be able to categorize it, quantify it and search it. That last part is usually where it all goes wrong.

Facebook recently served up their new search engine, now it’s LinkedIn’s turn.

The biggest change is unification. The current system forces you to choose the area you want to search: People, Companies, or Jobs. The new system eliminates that step and allows you to search all areas of the site with one click.

Twitter Says Grandstanding Is the Real Issue In French Hate Tweet Case

GavelSince we are on the legal kick this morning regarding what major Internet companies face when it comes to their service and the perceived lega; rights of their users an update in a case that Twitter is involved in in France is interesting.

The Verge sums up the situation well here.

Twitter has failed to reveal the authors of anti-Semitic tweets after a French court mandated the company do so, reports the AFP. The January court ruling required that Twitter hand over user data to help identify hate speech authors who live under the jurisdiction of French laws. The suit was originally filed by France’s Union of Jewish Students (UEJF), and the UEJF has now announced that it is taking further legal action against Twitter for claims that it has not complied with court orders.

The Cost of Privacy Helped Google’s Decision to End Reader

google-logo1So for all of the conspiracy theories surroundings Google’s decision to shutter its popular (well, popular is a relative measurement isn’t it) Reader one of the main reasons could be a very practical one: the cost of privacy.

According to report from All Things D

Under CEO Larry Page, Google has made a practice of “spring cleaning” throughout all the seasons so it can narrow its focus. Reader was just a another bullet point on the latest closure list.

But the shutdown wasn’t just a matter of company culture and bigger priorities, sources said. Google is also trying to better orient itself so that it stops getting into trouble with repeated missteps around compliance issues, particularly privacy.

The Beal Deal with Matt McGee (@MattMcgee)

The internet marketing blog space can get a little crowded, but fortunately–for the most part–we’re all good friends. That’s why it’s a non-issue that our next Beal Deal interviewee is the Editor-in-Chief at Search Engine Land and Marketing Land.

m2That’s mostly because Matt McGee is simply a great guy to know. In fact, part of the reason for inviting M2 (his rapper name…I kid) to take part in the Beal Deal is because I think you’ll enjoy getting to know Matt as much as I have. So, with that in mind, let’s jump straight in with Matt’s 6 questions!

1. You’re the Editor-In-Chief of both Search Engine Land and Marketing Land, you consult, you speak, you teach–where do you find the time?

Would You Look for a Financial Planner on Pinterest?

pinterest marchPinterest hit 10 million unique monthly visitors faster than any other independent site in history. Their user numbers have increased 2,702.2% since May 2011 and the average user spends more than an hour on the site.

It’s stats like these that have convinced marketers in every industry that Pinterest is worth the time invested. But is a site’s popularity a good enough reason to get involved?

Yahoo Finance recently posted an article about financial industry professionals on Pinterest. Brian Wruk of Transition Financial Advisors Group thought it was a good idea. His company’s account posts pictures of scenic America and Canada, along with moving tips and inspirational quotes (a favorite topic on Pinterest.)

More Tweets Equals Higher TV Ratings Or Is it the Other Way Around?

Nielsen and SocialGuide made a very interesting statement this week. They say that an increase in Tweets about a TV program equals an increase in ratings for that program.


For 18-34 year olds, an 8.5% increase in Twitter volume corresponds to a 1% increase in TV ratings for premiere episodes.

A 4.2% increase in Twitter volume corresponds with a 1% increase in ratings for midseason episodes.

For 35-49 year olds, a 14.0% increase in Twitter volume is associated with a 1% increase in TV program ratings.

For those who prefer to see things graphically. . .

nielsen tv tweets


What are we to make of this (besides a broach and a hat)?

Mike Hess, Executive Vice President of Media Analytics for Nielsen says: