Is Funny or Die’s Steve Jobs Movie Parody Risky?

Steve Jobs Funny or DieWe live in a day and age where tech giants are often elevated to cult leader status. This isn’t any different than any other day or time. Human beings like to deify regular people for some reason (that reason eludes me but that’s just me, right?).

As modern day idol worship there is arguably none stronger than the one and only Steve Jobs. I have a feeling that 40 years from now we may be hearing of Steve Jobs ‘sightings’ like we used to from Elvis Presley fans who desperately wanted to believe that the king was not dead.

Well, when this kind of zealous following surrounds someone it generally isn’t great business to parody that person (although considering the caricature of the real person ‘today’s’ Elvis has become and the cottage industry that exists around him that’s not always true, but Steve Jobs impersonators will likely be in low demand). Don’t tell that to the folks at Funny or Die.

The New York Times ArtsBeat reports

Samsung’s ‘Smart Pause’ Forces Consumers to Keep Their Eye on the Ad

samsung galaxyLast week, Samsung unveiled their brand new, highly-hyped, mobile phone at SXSW. The unit is called Galaxy S4, so¬† I expected the ad campaign to be spacy and zippy and full of science and tech. But the graphic you see here is what Samsung is using to promote their new phone — softly muted, retro-looking children, happily cavorting in the park on a summer day.

Sweet. But really? Is this what I want from my mobile phone? Samsung says their new phone will make my life simpler, richer and more fun. Okay, I’m on board with that.

Here are a few of the new features:

S Voice Drive: put your phone in Drive Mode and buttons get bigger and voice activation takes over.

A Poor Mobile Email Experience Leads 30 Percent of Consumers to Unsubscribe

More people are picking up their mobile phones and tablets to check their email inbox and that could be either good news or bad news for marketers.

On the upside, it means people are getting the message throughout the day. They can pick up their email while they’re out having lunch or waiting in line at the bank. The downside is that they have little patience for emails that don’t display properly on a mobile screen.



According to a new report from BlueHornet, a poorly displayed email would send 30.2% rushing to click the unsubscribe button. This is up from 18% last year which goes to show that are patience is waning. A year ago, mobile email wasn’t that common, so it was easy to forgive a company for not getting on board. Now, though, there’s no excuse for a poorly executed email.

Infographic for SXSW : Grumpy Cat Beats Al Gore

SXSW By the NumbersNow what would be REALLY interesting is if there were actual video of Grumpy Cat beating Al Gore but no such luck. Instead we have to settle for this infographic from the folks at the Salesforce Marketing Cloud by way of Adweek.

I will make the incredibly uncool admission that I have never attended any SXSW outing so I can’t totally grasp what this means. I suspect it means that I am woefully uncool but my kids remind of that often so that’s not exactly breaking news.

Were you in attendance for the digital side of the SXSW ledger? Is what you see here in this infographic in line with your experience? Share your experience with us in the comments so folks like myself can stand in awe and wonder of what was missed in Austin.

Social Media Marketing Turns Into Ambush Marketing for March Madness

Sir Can A Lot and March MadnessMy how the world of marketing has changed especially as it relates to events and the social buzz those events create.

Gone are the days where a marketer had to consider dropping millions of dollars on event sponsorship to be tied to the event. Now if a company wants to do that they still can and there will be benefits (at least in theory). But now enter the age of ‘ambush marketing’. Why spend millions when you can live on the social fringes and leech some exposure for mere pennies on the sponsorship dollar?

USA Today reports about how some marketers are playing it smart and keeping sponsorship money in their bank accounts.

Savvy marketers are finding low-budget ways to digitally link their brands with the upcoming college basketball championship, but without paying huge ad or sponsorship fees.

The Beal Deal with Jill Whalen (@JillWhalen)

Spring is in the air! Can you feel it?

Jill WhalenSpring is the picture of new life and growth, so let’s ask a few questions of someone that practically gave birth to the concept of SEO copywriting.

(How’s that for a cheesy segue?)

Today’s guest is one of the matriarchs of search engine optimization–none other than Jill Whalen. Jill has been in this business for almost 20 years and has been consistent in her messaging about the importance of great copywriting in SEO. And, it’s not an exaggeration to say that she practically invented the niche.

Let’s ask her how she got her start, who hires her, which up-and-comer she respects the most, and how she’s developed a thick skin. Onwards!

With Mobile Advertising, Forget Size — It’s Holidays That Matter

In 2012, we saw a huge spike in app downloads and usage on Christmas Day. 328 million downloaded happened on December 25, as compared to the monthly average of 155 per day.

This makes sense, because many people get new mobile devices or iTunes cards as gifts, so they rush to try them out. But what about other holidays? Tapjoy asked that very question and they came up with their own answer. They tracked app usage and engagement on three holidays then compared the data to an average day from the same month.


Who knew Chinese New Year was such a killer day for mobile! As for Valentine’s Day, clearly it was all those guys rushing to buy a last minute gift for their sweetie.