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youtube mobileFor most people, YouTube is nothing more than a video playground. A place to go when you have a few minutes to spare or you need a good laugh. But there are a few creative folks who have turned their YouTube efforts into a full time job and some have parlayed their popularity into legitimate celebrity status.

In between, you’ll find thousands of individuals and businesses who are using the platform as a way of reaching the masses with their message and those are the people who will benefit from YouTube’s One Channel design.

YouTube has been beta testing the new design for awhile now and last week they opened up to the public.

The main push is a design that is works across all formats, web, smartphone, tablet or TV. It gives the channel owner more options for expressing their personality and more control over what people see when they hit the channel.

When you make the switch, you’re prompted to make three big changes; create channel art, upload a welcome trailer and organize your playlists.

Here’s a look at the top half of a channel using the new design:

petcollectiveThe header image is terrific but creating one is insane. I attempted to create mine using the same header art I use on my blog, which is just about the right size. Not. Instead of uploading a correctly sized banner, YouTube forces you to upload a full sheet of art over 2000 pixels in height. Then, it autocrops the middle of the page. You can scoot the crop a little right or left, but you can’t move it where ever you want. No matter how many times I tried it, I could not find a way to get my banner on the page. Here are the instructions if you want to give it a try.

When picking out a header image, remember that your icon is going to lay on top of it in the left corner (kind of like Facebook does it. . . ). When it works, it’s glorious. It’s branding at its best with links to your website and other social media links right there where everyone can click them.

Next is the welcome trailer.

welcome trailer

This is a video overview of your channel. The cool thing is, it only shows up if the visitor hasn’t already subscribed to your channel. That way, you don’t waste precious above the fold space if someone is a regular visitor. For newbies, this trailer is a way of grabbing their attention and hopefully, at the end, they’ll click to subscribe.

This is the most powerful feature of YouTube One Channel. Don’t skip it. Yes, creating an excellent marking trailer is a lot of work, but once you get it done, it will pay off it new subscribers.

Finally, take advantage of the new organizational tools to create specialized playlists. You can group videos using a drop down list of common options, or you can create a list from tags. You can move your lists by dragging them up and down and delete the ones YouTube provides if they don’t suit you.

Overall, YouTube One Channel is designed to help you brand your space. The only downside, other than the header image issues, is the lack of color. It’s very sparse and loaded with white space. It makes all of the channels look very much alike, so use that header to your advantage if you want to stand out.

If you’re on YouTube, check out One Channel. Right now it’s an option, but it’s likely YouTube will force the change across the board in coming months.

What do you think of YouTube One Channel?

  • Stephanie Bekerman

    I think users are going to respond well to YouTube One Channel. There definitely seems to be some kinks in the setup, but as more people use it, YouTube can figure out exactly what needs to be fixed. The layout seems pretty easy to navigate and subscribers will really appreciate this. I know my attention span is very short when trying to navigate around a website. The new layout looks great! I can’t wait to see even more improvements made to One Channel.

    Stephanie Bekerman

    Tulane University

    • Fuck One Channel

      One Channel ruined YouTube for me.

  • The sparseness works great against clutter, which is something any marketer would want to avoid, though the absence of color presents a minor challenge in customizing the page’s design and making it reminiscent of the brand’s image.

    • That’s what’s odd. It should look less cluttered but somehow it feels like there’s too much on a page now. I think I just have to get used it and I believe the good outweighs the bad

  • Numero Uno Support

    we can stay connected with recent updates with use of socail media is one of the great use of socail media .Youtube is one of good medium to reach to people .lot of benefits are there people promots them business with this, video is like live action so its ,more touchable .New changes are helpful to us because of that we can group video with different tag it becomes more user friendly and attractive.

  • Loard

    Any info when the old channel design is phased out (as in not available any more)?


    I don’t like this One Channel Design at all!

  • Kizone Kaprow

    “No matter how many times I tried it, I could not find a way to get my banner on the page.” It’s difficult, especially if you’re not a skilled graphic designer with professional software. Here’s a tip: if you wish to concentrate on just the banner image as it will appear to the majority of YouTube viewers (desktop, not mobile or TV viewers) simply upload an image at exactly 2120 x 1192 pixels. Keep in mind that your channel avatar will be superimposed over the uploaded banner image, so plan accordingly.

  • Here’s a tip, after some trial and error, to making your banner really easily:

    1) Create TWO images – one that is 2120 x 1192 pixels as your “background image.”

    2) Then create what you really want people to see on their computers when seeing your channel and make that 1280 x 350. Think of this as your logo.

    3) Then go into PowerPoint (or Keynote for us Mac folks) and set up a slide that is 2120 x 1192.

    4) Insert the first image and it should fit perfectly

    5) Insert your Logo image and CENTER it. I needs to center from top to bottom and left to right.

    6) Export that slide as a jpg


    Now you have your new OneChannel banner and it really wasn’t that hard to do!

    Please see OUR channel and subscribe!

    Charlie Seymour Jr

  • Alan Heath

    I think google is taking major liberties with this. It is an abuse of their users who may have spent a lot of time and money getting the former look right – which was forced on them last year. I liked the last version so I was there at the start, the very same day I found out about it. So why change again? The excuse given is that it will work across all media. I know the current site works on computers, tablets and telephones which leaves games consoles. I don’t know if it works there or not but that is only 0.3% of my users. I will stop using youtube once an appropriate alternative comes.

  • Organik SEO

    We understood the difficulty in creating the new “Channel Art”. Check out our blog and you can download the template as a jpeg with divisors, OR if you would like to PSD file with rulers, just email us and we can send your way.

  • Specter5productions

    This is a load of crap. Decided to make a new YouTube channel and, well… it’s stuck at “working…”