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Dick Tracy WristwatchGoogle’s Glass project has caused a stir. Heck, the talk has already gone SO mainstream that Rush Limbaugh has talked about it (not sure if that is good, bad, interesting, sad, scary or all of the above …. you make the call). There is even pessimism out there in tech world to offset the unbridled ‘this is the future!’ speak.

Since no one wants to be ‘one-upped’ in the ‘we have the future of personal Internet interactivity right here for you!’ category lots of focus is being centered on the wrist. I don’t wear a watch so the only time I consider my wrist is if I have injured it but that’s not what Apple and Samsung are betting on for the future. They are working to make your wrist the focus of your Internet activity.

With Apple already making its move for Dick Tracy like communications with the iWatch (or whatever you call it), Samsung is now getting in the game as well. Bloomberg reports

Samsung Electronics Co. is developing a wristwatch as Asia’s biggest technology company races against Apple Inc. to create a new industry of wearable devices that perform similar tasks as smartphones.

“We’ve been preparing the watch product for so long,” Lee Young Hee, executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile business, said during an interview in Seoul. “We are working very hard to get ready for it. We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them.”

So the race is on. As marketers we are being forced to ask “How will this impact how I conduct business and, more importantly, when will I need to be ready?”. These are two questions that haunt marketers each and every day as the world of technology moves faster than most can keep pace in a practical manner.

Do you start to tweak everything you do today to be prepared for what might be the future? Will getting out in front of this be a worthwhile investment or is it best to sit back, let the bleeding edge types take their wounds and then move when the path is little more worn? It seems like every day produces more and more questions that marketers need to be asking themselves but the answers are often few and far between.

How do you view the potential rate of adoption of devices like Google Glass and wristwatch computing? Is it something that will happen sooner or will it happen later? Is the hype that we are seeing now too far ahead of the reality or will reality be here faster than we might imagine?

How you answer these questions may determine how well you perform in the markets of the future. The right answer could make you a hero but the wrong answer could make you unemployed. How are you handling this brave new mobile world?

  • Google glass seems to be more promising at the moment but it’s hard to predict which will be more successful. It is entirely possible both could be failures or both could be successful.

  • Google glass is on the way but I just can’t understand how this is going to work for the average person. I can already see the traffic accidents because people were distracted while wearing them. The watch – now that’s helpful. Goes back to my old calculator watch days!