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1161775_proud_motherIf you’re reading this, you probably already know that moms spend a lot of time on social media. But did you know that activity has increased by 20% in just three years.

According to BabyCenter’s 2013 Social Mom Report, 91% of moms now check-in with a social media network on a regular basis. Social media is such an important key to staying in touch that 22% of moms said “if friends or family don’t participate in social media, they are not as much a part of their lives.”

Wow, cold. But I have to admit, I know more about my two siblings who post regularly to Facebook than the one that doesn’t. (Not proud of that fact, but I’m being honest here.)

To put this in perspective, moms are 20% more likely to use social media than the general public. Their usage is higher on every one of the major social networks including YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

And while the majority of folks check their email first thing in the morning, moms are more likely to check Facebook. 89% of mobile moms use a smartphone or tablet to do it.

Facebook is where mom goes to socialize, share photos and catalog their family adventures.

25% of moms 18-34 are on Twitter. They like it for breaking news and as a way of communicating with celebrities.

Moms turn to Pinterest for inspiration. They use it to plan parties, shop for clothes for their kids and redecorate their homes. 61% of moms say they’ve visited Pinterest at least once in the last six months which is double that of the general population.
Social Media and Spending

Moms make up only 18% of the total internet audience, but they’re responsible for 32% of online spending. Social networkers are 61% more likely to shop for clothing online and 65% more likely to buy home and garden products online.

social media drives purchasing

Mike Fogarty, SVP and Global Publisher at BabyCenter summed it up nicely,

“Today’s mom is the most influential and social consumer you’ll meet. Before she clicks to buy, she’s posted, pinned, tweeted, and shared. In fact, social media is so much a part of a mom’s life that checking her various social platforms comes before enjoying her first cup of coffee in the morning. In the three short years since our last report on this topic, social media has become so pervasive, it’s now fundamental to the way today’s moms live their lives.”

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    Fuck facebook and Twitter. So because one of your offspring doesn’t use social media you discard them. Fantastic parenting.