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facebook-icon 1Let’s think about this for a second.

Facebook is launching its Home initiative which is an Android platform. As part of the effort to be a mobile company they have now hired Richard Williamson who led the great ill-fated Apple Maps launch of 2012. You remember that one, right? It’s where landmarks were somewhere other than where they should be and fanbois and girls were led down alley ways with directions that were less than direct. Yup, that one.

Well, Facebook must know something other than that record to hire Williamson. Bloomberg reports

Williamson joined Facebook in the past couple of weeks to be a manager within its expanding mobile-software group, said two of the people, who declined to be identified because the information isn’t public.

Williamson, who worked at Apple for more than a decade, was one of the engineers assigned by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs to build software for the iPhone. He was later put in charge of the effort to replace Google Inc. (GOOG)’s mapping service for the iPhone and iPad. Williamson was fired by Apple in November as part of a management shakeup after its mapping product was criticized for misguided directions and inaccurate landmark locations.

Not sure what else to say other than wondering just what might be in store for Facebook mobile. Maybe the whole Home thing is really about getting directions home but in order to be more social and meet more people you will get directions to someone else’s home and that will be the new social discovery mechanism? Pure genius.

What say you?