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Mobile advertising is a growth industry. By how much depends on your source of information but no matter the source, if you don’t see a serious growth curve / upside then it’s not likely to be reliable.

Let’s take a look at what eMarketer sees as the future of growth for mobile ad revenue. Nice numbers even if you chopped them in half.

Mobile Ad Spend Forecast eMarketer

With this kind of growth you might suspect that there will be plenty to go around no matter the size of the advertising venue but in this case it will be a case of the rich getting richer. The rich being referred to is primarily Google by a large margin. Look at this chart and you will see that when it comes to mobile advertising Google is making the game quite lopsided.

Mobile Search Ad Revenue Projections

The only place where Google gets a challenge is in the mobile display ad arena. This is where Facebook makes its appearance in the mobile ad game. Even with the lead today though eMarketer is calling for Google to be the lead dog here by 2015.

US Mobile Display Ad Revenue

So talk about iOS and Android all you want. It doesn’t matter in this area because search is Google’s domain and people like to search when they are mobile. Score a big one for Google.

As of this writing Google’s stock has dipped below the $800 per share mark. So cheap! Get in now?