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Maximize Tweet PreviewUsing Twitter for business is not a joking matter now is it?

That’s what many people think and that’s why there is an infographic about it. We all now agree that if there is an infographic then it’s real (aren’t you glad that we are beyond the “It’s on the Internet so it must be real” phase? 😉 ). We’ve come such a long way, haven’t we?

The following infographic with data from Buddy Media via Fusework Studios (with a hat tip to Fred Hathaway) attempts to give you the lowdown about some Twitter tricks and tips to help you maximize your time with the service without flipping the bird the bird in frustration.

Maximizing Tweets

  • Great infographic! If I may add, I think the best way to maximize that is to tweet quality ones. Have a nice day! 🙂

    • FrankReed

      Quality? What’s that?

  • Now all I have to do is figure out to put my message, plus a hashtag, plus a request to retweet, all in less than 100 characters.

    • FrankReed

      LOL. Well put Cynthia!

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  • I have no doubts that plainly asking followers to retweet produces results. It makes the brand appear rather desperate, especially if it is done with any frequency, but why worry about something that intangible when there are engagement statistics to be burnished?