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google-logoLooks like Google has outdone itself this year huh? Hiiiilaaaarious stuff about treasures on maps, blue email, searching with your nose and YouTube closing. Oh stop Google! My sides are hurting!

There was one that I actually did chuckle at which is the Google Apps Levity algorithm. Here’s the video for you to get a little, uhh, levity from, I guess.

The best April Fool’s joke that I found, however, came at Google’s expense. It plays off the idea of just how ridiculous and unbelievable it would be to see an announcement that Google had released local business products that work, make sense and have support for them.

There are no fancy videos just fanciful thinking of what an actual working product on the local level would be like from Google. It happened over at Mike Blumenthal’s blog and the post’s title alone, “Google Local Announces New Local Product and Promises Better Communications” says it all. Here’s a sample for you.

The newly appointed head of Google Local Product Manager Brian Fitzpatrick today announced the rollout of a completely revamped local product to replace the Places dashboard. As written about in the Wall Street Journal in June, 2012 the product is called “The Business Builder”. With the rollout of the Business Builder Google Local is announcing a totally rebuilt local product that offers the best of local and social as well as easy to use self provisioning of sophisticated Couponing, Adwords, Offers and other paid options.

National multi-store brands as well as single storefront businesses will be able to take advantage of this new functionality with the free local and social products as well as the easy to deploy paid products for their locations. Local analytics have been totally revamped as well. With the rollout of the new couponing product Google will be able to offer search to sale tracking analytics in an easy to use reporting format that can grow in sophistication with the business user and use cases

If anyone is actually paying attention at Google this bit of satire should actually cause some consternation. It should but it won’t. The train wreck that is Google Local continues to roll on leaving end users to wonder what it all means at times.

When you position yourself as the leader of the online information world and then spend time and money on April Fool’s productions while a major product of yours pretty much sucks then something might be wrong. Maybe Google Local is a joke and we have just been buying it all along? Good one, Google!

Of course, if you are the pranksters in Mountain View holding stock while others are left holding the bag then who cares, right?

Your thoughts?

  • sigmadelt

    Google doodle – no Easter doodle for a person who was responsible for a movement that literally changed world history??. Google couldn’t find many links when they ‘google’d’ Jesus?
    Hmm maybe they should try a different search engine. I know I will