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Hostility Rising on Social PreviewNetworksBe honest here. Have you ever been in an altercation with someone, including a friend, on social media? Have you ever ceased being in contact with that person or even lost a friendship over social media activities?

On some level, I bet that most people would feel that they have at least strained relationships or become disenchanted with a friendship as a result of social media interaction. Having a healthy mix of people on both sides of the political aisle among my own friends, I can attest to the trouble that gets stirred up in the online space. Having learned my own hard lessons I am more likely to step back or simply write something and erase it before posting. The reason? It can get ugly and I don’t have room nor the time for that.

According to a recent survey by Vital Smarts people on social media are getting more rude and it has a cost. Reuters reports

Rudeness and throwing insults are cutting online friendships short with a survey on Wednesday showing people are getting ruder on social media and two in five users have ended contact after a virtual altercation.

As social media usage surges, the survey found so has incivility with 78 percent of 2,698 people reporting an increase in rudeness online with people having no qualms about being less polite virtually than in person.

One in five people have reduced their face-to-face contact with someone they know in real life after an online run-in.

The infographic below gives some of the vital stats from the survey. Do you see the same things in your online life?

Social Media Tensions

Agree? Disagree? Angry? Want to pick an online fight?

  • Social Media is a rice!


    putzfrau zürich

  • With millions of users with protected identity, a couple of argument here and there is unavoidable. As an internet marketer, I scourge and is glued to the web day-in and day-out. Some of the petty ones that I have seen are:
    – Boy commented on pretty girl in FB. Boyfriend comes along
    – Girl 1 argues with Girl 2 for constantly updating her status (eating lunch, going to mall, I’m sad, etc…)
    – Which is better paid SEO tools ( or free ones (GWT, Universal Analytics,etc…)
    Lakers will not go to the final 8

    And so much more. Of course we all have our own opinions. Here’s hoping that we communicated it more responsibly 🙂