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ebay appIt’s no secret that I’m an iPhone fan and I often get a lot of flack from commenters regarding my obvious bias. But I can’t help it when the numbers simply go my way. Like this set of numbers from media and marketing research firm Arbitron:

A greater percentage of iPhone users (67.5 percent) use mobile apps for commerce compared to Android users (43.9 percent).

iPhone users went on an average of 35 virtual shopping trips in a month, while Android users only went shopping 29.5 times.

In addition, iPhone users spent more time using mobile commerce apps (105.3 minutes/month vs. 87.6 minutes/month).

The survey doesn’t offer any conclusions as to why this is so, but I suspect there are two factors involved. First, I’d guess there are more ecommerce apps for the iPhone than there is for Android. According to Venture Beat, the iTunes and GooglePlay now have roughly the same number of available apps, but I often see apps that are available only for iOS. Look at Instagram, they waited 18 months to release an Android version of their app.

Then there’s the fact that iPhone users tend to be more affluent. Their average household income is $105,200, compared to  Android with average income of $89,300. They’re also younger and that adds up to more discretionary income.

‘Appy Shopping

Here’s a surprise. When it comes to shopping apps, eBay knocks Amazon out of the top spot.

arbitron ecommerce appseBay not only has more users, but look at the time spent: 108.4 minutes vs only 40 minutes a month on Amazon. And sessions per month are more than triple what Amazon sees. Some of that comes from the natural way we use both sites. With Amazon, you go in, you buy, you get out. With eBay, you browse, you watch, you bid, you come back several times to check your bid and then you buy. eBay encourages multiple visits so that does pump up their volume.

Craiglist Mobile has the lowest percentage of users but those who do log on stay twice as long as they do with Amazon and they log more sessions. I’m a Craigslist fan, but I’ve never used the mobile app, so that’s going on my To Do list.

I’m not a fan of Amazon’s mobile app. Even though I have it on my phone, I prefer to use a browser to connect to the website. I am not alone in this.

arbitron web
This chart represents smartphone users who shop via a mobile website. Here, Amazon knocks eBay off its pedestal, easily claiming the top spot for percentage of users. But look at little old Craigslist taking the top spot for minutes and sessions per month. Walmart also makes the top five which leaves me wondering why their app doesn’t rate.

As for Amazon, with all the power they have behind them, you’d think they could turn out an app that trumps all when it comes to m-commerce. Until they do, they’ll have to be content with sharing the spotlight with up and coming rival eBay.

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