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LinkedIn continues to move forward in their business networking niche of the social world.

They have announced a new service that will be rolled out to select account holders initially that can be used on both and a new iPhone app. Here is the Slideshare presentation that appeared in the LinkedIn blog.

And in the wonderfully ambiguous world of announcing a product that is kinda, sorta available LinkedIn puts it this way.

Contacts is available both on as well as a brand new app for iPhone. Over the coming weeks, we’ll start sending invitations to try LinkedIn Contacts to a limited number of members in the United States.

So which is it? Is it available as the first sentence might imply or is it by invitation over the next several weeks. Well, of course it’s over the next several weeks by invitation but doesn’t it read better to say it IS available even though it really isn’t?

Anyway, this should be an interesting new addition to an increasingly popular service that has not only been getting more attention as a serious tool but it one of the few high flyers in the social arena as it relates to its stock performance.

What’s your take on LinkedIn?

  • Hemanth Malli

    Nice update .. Good to know about the new LinkedIn feature.