Greatest Concern About Facebook Home? You Guessed It, Privacy

facebook-icon 1If there is one thing that we have been conditioned to do over the years whenever Facebook so much as hiccups is to wonder just what they have or have not done to the privacy of Facebook users.

Facebook has a reputation of running roughshod over its users’ privacy and then acting as if there is a ‘no harm, no foul’ attitude that we should all adopt. Whether you let them off the hook or not is your call. Most simply put up with it and move on regardless.

The level of mistrust that has developed over the years is a healthy one but let’s be realistic here. It’s mostly shared by a vocal minority that Facebook is smart enough to realize is confined in a relatively tight echo chamber. After all there are about 1 billion users of Facebook and it is probably safe to say (in an extremely non-scientific manner) that at least 95% of them either don’t have a clue about what Facebook knows about them nor do they care. When it comes to how privacy is viewed by Facebook users, Facebook knows that its best result falls under the ‘ignorance is bliss’ category. They’re not stupid. Oh, and let’s not forget, this is for Android users only which is, for the most part, a different crowd than folks using iOS for their mobile experience.

The REAL Facebook Home

Thank you to Mashable for bringing the new version of the Sunday Comics from the guys at Joy of Tech.

Facebook Home has a long way to go to first be understood and then get out into the marketplace in a significant way. In the meantime, while everyone praises it or trashes it, let’s at least have a little fun with it.

Oh and reminding us about Mark Zuckerberg’s view of what he is helping to accomplish with Facebook it never hurts to remember the dying squirrel. Ahh, yes, changing the world …….


The Beal Deal with Kim Kopp Krause Berg (@kim_cre8pc)

Good Saturday morning Pilgrims!

Kim Krause BergToday’s Beal Deal guest has gone by many names in her career–including Dancing Thunder at some point–but we lovingly know her as Kim Krause Berg. You know those people that you can’t help smile and want to hug every time you see them? Yeah, I feel that way every time I see Kim. She has a kind heart and a mind for usability that is pretty much unmatched in my humble opinion.

I reached out to Kim to ask her about the sale of her forum, her passion in life, and why usability is critical to any marketing campaign.

Pour your morning java and enjoy!

1.    You built Cre8asiteforums into an awesome resource. What was the key to its success?

The SEC Says its Okay For CEOs to Talk Shop on Social

I_Meant_To_Do_ThatWhen Netflix CEO Reed Hastings posted a Facebook update congratulating his content licensing team on facilitating 1 billion hours of viewing, I’m sure he didn’t expect to influence government policy.

Then again. . . maybe that was the plan all along.

The Securities and Exchange Commission jumped all over Hastings for the post, because they thought it violated the rules that govern public disclosure of business information.  Regulation Fair Disclosure says that public companies have to disclose information to everyone at the same time. That way, one person can’t buy and sell stock based on that information before the rest of the world gets the news.

Revitalizing the Classics: and Digg Say They Have a Plan

1415159_47821948Is anyone surprised that is still standing? Before Wikipedia, it was the best place to find a lot of specific information about a wide range of topics with everything from Action Figures to Zoology.

What sets the company apart from standard blog sites is their extremely specific template style which leans heavily on evergreen resource pages. They’re also known for the amount of text they publish on a page and they are the reigning champs when it comes to internal linking.

They’re also king of the adsense placements. They weave so many plain text ads into their template it’s often hard to tell what’s content and what’s not. And I guess that’s the point.

Facebook Home Arrives and Opinions Abound

Facebook HomeFrom time to time a new announcement comes around that gets a ton of attention that is all over the board. Yesterday’s announcement by Facebook of a sort of Facebook phone has created plenty of discussion around the industry.

Let’s take a look at what the pundits had to say:

Gigaom’s Om Malik says plenty in the title of his post “Why Facebook Home bothers me: It destroys any notion of privacy“. He also laments:

This future is going to happen – and it is too late to debate. However, the problem is that Facebook is going to use all this data — not to improve our lives — but to target better marketing and advertising messages at us. Zuckerberg made no bones about the fact that Facebook will be pushing ads on Home.

Melcher’s Latest Tablet Study is Now Available for the Tablet

the pool - screengrab 2In an average week, I skim a dozen marketing related studies, review a handful of new infographs and “check out” more than 50 articles on the subject in order to stay informed and write these posts.

What I’ve never done, was download a marketing study to my tablet – until now.

Melcher Media just released the latest finding from VivaKi’s The Pool, “an ongoing initiative to uncover advertising solutions of the future, in conjunction with advertisers and publishers.” This installment is called “The Tablet Lane” and it’s available for download through Google Play and iTunes.

I downloaded and man, this is how you deliver a presentation. The app is loaded with information but it’s organized on two levels so you can swipe through an overview, or click to get more depth.