Tag, You’re It! LinkedIn Adds Ability to Flag Contacts in Updates and Comments

LinkedIn is adding the ability to tag people in status updates and comments and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

It’s all pretty simple. When you type a name in either the update box or a comment box, the Connections feed opens and tries to match the name you typed with the people on your list. Choose the correct “James” , then finish your message.

LinkedIn Tagging

The tagging tool is all about starting a conversation. If you really want the other person to respond, though, you should go with something more creative than “check out this article!”

Google Taking Lion’s Share of Mobile Ad Dollars

Mobile advertising is a growth industry. By how much depends on your source of information but no matter the source, if you don’t see a serious growth curve / upside then it’s not likely to be reliable.

Let’s take a look at what eMarketer sees as the future of growth for mobile ad revenue. Nice numbers even if you chopped them in half.

Mobile Ad Spend Forecast eMarketer

With this kind of growth you might suspect that there will be plenty to go around no matter the size of the advertising venue but in this case it will be a case of the rich getting richer. The rich being referred to is primarily Google by a large margin. Look at this chart and you will see that when it comes to mobile advertising Google is making the game quite lopsided.

Will People Pay Attention Instead of Cash to Level Up Non-Gaming Mobile Apps?

Freemium is a concept that works in mobile gaming. Freemium apps brought in almost 10 billion in revenue last year and 80% of that went to games. We’ll pay to level up faster, get the hottest virtual goods and unlock areas we’ve never seen before. We’ll pay to keep playing. But Tapjoy has discovered that people are also willing to pay attention instead of cash.

Tapjoy Mobile Value Exchange model lets players earn credits and upgrades by completing brand tasks. Want to play a few more rounds of Family Feud? Watch this ad for a new shampoo and you’re in.

earn coins

Tapjoy is taking this concept a step further by branching out into other types of apps; non-gaming apps and that’s where it gets interesting.

Twitter Expands Card System to Include Mobile App Download Links and More

twitter video cardTwitter may have been designed for short burst messaging, but it’s grown into a graceful data flow of text, photos, and videos. Using text speak (FTW!), hashtags and “@” symbols, we’ve learned to communicate a lot with just a few characters. Still, we could all use a little more space to make our point, so Twitter is giving it to us.

No, they’re not dialing up the character count. They’re giving us more cards to play with.

Cards are those expanded Tweets that show up in your stream bearing gifts such as photos and video. There’s one, right there! He showed up just in time.

That’s the mobile view of a Tweet with an embedded YouTube video. Just click and you don’t have to leave Twitter to see what Brendan’s selling.

Experts Talk About The Future of Search

While we know that SES NYC just happened last week we have taken some time (well actually Gareth Davies has) to sift through some of the knowledge that was given during SES London oh so many days ago (February to be exact). At this rate we’ll bring you updates for SES NYC in July but we’ll get better :-). Thankfully, great information is still great information so enjoy!

Before this year’s Search Engine Strategies in London a question many business owners wanted an answer to was ‘Where are things headed in the next few years?’ Fortunately I had the pleasure of interviewing a number of the guest speakers, and so I asked them to gaze into an imaginary crystal ball.


catherine-toole‘Content is exploding. In nearly 20 years I have never seem so much interest in content. People are finally putting budgets into it and you’ll see jobs like ‘content strategist’ being advertised. It shows no sign of abating and I think it will proliferate. I believe that people who come up with good content ideas that can run and run, are useable, search friendly, cross platform and can be maintained over time, will really have the power.’

Catherine Toole – stickycontent.com

Google’s Local Product Gets a Partial Lift

In cosmetic surgery, if you don’t want to do a complete overhaul or aren’t terribly confident that doing everything at once is the best idea there is an option to a partial ‘insert procedure here’. Now, for the record, I had to Google this while concept since cosmetic surgery is not my thing and at this point for me the only viable option is a trade-in but I am not sure that is possible.


Now take this concept to the Internet space. Its common for companies to do things in a more piecemeal fashion to help manage the changes to a product or service. This is what Google has decided to do with its traditionally horrific Local product.

Nuance Creates Mobile Advertisements That Talk Back

nuance voice adsConversations, word-of-mouth, chat — it’s amazing how many auditory words we use to describe text-based actions. Replying to comments on Facebook is a conversation, sharing a product review in a blog is word-of-mouth and chatrooms have functioned for years without any chatter at all.

Nuance is going to change that. They’re using voice recognition technology to create ads that actually converse with the consumer. As in “talk” with sound, not just words scrolling across the width of a box.

Nuance’s voice ads borrows from some old school ideas that work. For example, the moving ad. Remember those early banner ads that challenged you to click on a moving target? By replicating the carnival game experience, they got thousands of people to click through to a sales website.