Tweet It Ain’t So! Can Social Media Wreak Havoc in Markets?

Corporate Cyber CrimeLast week the big news was the Associated Press’ Twitter account getting hacked and the stock market taking a 150 point dip on the ‘news’ of the bombing that injured the president.

The markets recovered quickly but I know my first thoughts were:

  1. Someone has shown just how fragile the markets are to any kind of news whether it’s real or not
  2. Someone just got very rich on this deal
  3. This won’t be the last time something like this happens

Well, the investigations are underway as to who might have profited from this scenario and if there was a connection between the incident and the any profits taken as a result of what’s known as “high frequency trading”.

The New York Times reported

The Beal Deal with Michael Streko (@streko)

Is it finally feeling like Spring where you live? I sure hope so, otherwise you may wish to consider moving!

Michael StrekoIf you were to move to New Jersey, you may find a new best friend in Michael Streko, co-founder of KnowEm and one of the easiest guys to get along with that you’ll meet. I managed to take away his focus from growing KnowEm for just enough time to answer six questions.

I think you’ll enjoy his answers!

Q1. OK, let’s clear this up. Streko, Michael, Mike, “Mikey Mike & the Jersey Shore Bunch?” What’s your preference?

Everywhere TV Means More Opportunities for Advertisers

tv everywhere

Last night I watched TV. I watched the Project Runway season finale live on my television. I watched The Rachel Zoe Project which I had previously recorded on my DVR. Later, I watched an old episode of a TV show on my computer through YouTube and I rounded out the night rewatching last week’s Vegas episode on my iPad using the CBS app.

That’s what they call Everywhere TV or UbiquiTV (ubiquity; presence everywhere or in many places especially simultaneously.)

The lines between TV and digital content are getting blurred. You can now watch original “TV” programs on Netflix in addition to reruns of old favorites. Even Amazon recently got into the “TV” production biz with their new pilot program.

Rumor Mill: Twitter Tests a Local Tweet Discovery Engine

Dallas, Texas, the way we looked at it in 1949When there’s a helicopter circling my home or I think I felt an earthquake, the first place I go to find out what’s up is Twitter. But here’s the thing – I swear I used to be able to click a button to search only Tweets from people within my local area. That button is now gone. . . or did I imagine it. . .

I can type in my city and the event, but that’s not how people write on Twitter. They don’t write, OMG there’s a police helicopter circling Smallville. They say, OMG there’s a police helicopter circling my house! Without a “local” button, I can’t tell if they’re in Smallville or Spain. (Though I suppose, if they were in Spain, they’d be writing in Spanish.)

[Infographic] What Makes A Top Marketing Executive?

Top Marketing Executive PreviewMarketing executives are an interesting bunch because the field is one where a very broad spectrum of capabilities is needed to do the job well. It’s hard to be an introverted tech guy if you are a marketing executive, so you have to be a people person as well as technically aware etc.

To sum it up, when painting the picture of what it takes to be a top flight marketing executive you need to use a rather broad brush.

The folks over at The Content Strategist brought a graphic to our attention that comes from Killer Infographics. As with all infographics you need to bring your critical thinking skills to the table to measure whether the information, while graphic, is also accurate.

Check out the full infographic below.

How One SEO Agency Grew Their Revenue by 3,597% in Three Years

3597Nope, I didn’t make that number up—online marketing agency digitalrelevance (previously branded as Slingshot SEO) really did grow their revenue that much, that fast. Here’s how.

Aaron Aders, Jeremy Dearringer and Kevin Bailey were high school buddies in the late 1990s who used to design websites for lunch money. After going their separate ways for a few years, they reconnected professionally to form Slingshot SEO, an SEO-focused agency in Indianapolis.

They originally focused their efforts on traditional SEO services—90% of their work consist of technical website optimization. But then came the Google updates. Between Google 2009’s Caffeine, 2011 Panda and 2012 Penguin updates, the search engine giant had fixed many of the problems Slingshot SEO was trying to solve for clients. Aaron Aders, Co-founder and Market Research Director, explains, “Those three updates changed SEO forever because they overcame the search engine’s major shortcomings. We realized we couldn’t create relevant brands for our clients without expanding our definition of SEO”. With their business model quickly becoming obsolete, Aders and his team had to rethink their strategy.

Screenvision and Shazam Partner to Encourage Mobile Phone Usage at the Movies

screenvisionMovie theaters go through a lot of trouble to get people to turn off their phones before the movie starts. Now, thanks to a partnership between Screenvision and Shazam, they’re going to encourage people to turn them on first by bringing the TV second screen experience to the theater.

Screenvision provides on-screen, pre-movie advertising to 2,300 theaters all around the country. Shazam is a mobile app that returns information based on auditory cues. It was originally designed to answer the oft-asked question, “what’s that song.” Tap Shazam, the app listens to the music, then tells you the title and who sang it. You might also get a link to download the song from iTunes.