Marketing Inspiration: Maaco Twestimates Leads to More Leads

Uh oh, better get Maaco!

Remember that slogan? The auto painting and collision repair franchise has been around since 1972 and that slogan was a hit for them throughout the 80’s and 90’s.

Now Maaco is trying to hit the right note a second time with a clever Twitter campaign called Twestimates. Tweet a photo of the damage on your car and get a free estimate back via Twitter. They even give you a coupon for 10% off the repair should you follow through.


AdWeek says that the campaign has generated around 200 Twestimates and 40 leads. 40 isn’t a huge number, but that’s a nice percentage given the low number of followers and participants. What’s tough about a service like Maaco, is that it’s (hopefully) a one-time use company, so there’s no reason for people to follow the Twitter account on a regular basis. This campaign is all about brand awareness and it’s working.

LinkedIn Introduces New Contacts Service

LinkedIn continues to move forward in their business networking niche of the social world.

They have announced a new service that will be rolled out to select account holders initially that can be used on both and a new iPhone app. Here is the Slideshare presentation that appeared in the LinkedIn blog.

And in the wonderfully ambiguous world of announcing a product that is kinda, sorta available LinkedIn puts it this way.

Contacts is available both on as well as a brand new app for iPhone. Over the coming weeks, we’ll start sending invitations to try LinkedIn Contacts to a limited number of members in the United States.

Does Your Brand Have Digital Laryngitis? Don’t Lose Your Brand’s Voice in the Online World

megaphoneIt’s certainly not a revelation that a brand with a strong personality, or voice, stands out more to customers and makes a bigger impact on their choosing the brand when it comes time to open their wallets. And many brands have gotten really savvy at establishing and delivering a consistent brand voice in the brick and mortar world. If we each put our consumer hat on we can easily recall a specific shopping experience and certain things about it that demonstrate a clear brand voice – the store atmosphere, logos and colors within the store, interactions with employees, and so on.

Presence Dots and Profile Push: Facebook is Testing. . . Testing. . 1, 2, 3

GreendotFacebook is testing again. . . or maybe that should be still. It seems like they’re always moving things around and trying little tricks to get you to spend more time on the page.

This week it’s the “presence dot” and the profile push.

First, an eagle-eyed reporter at CNET discovered tiny green dots in their newsfeed. These dots, which appear next to a poster’s name in the feed, means that person is currently online. Click the dot and a message box opens so you can discuss their recent update.

A year ago, I wouldn’t have given this idea a second thought, but in the past few months, I’ve begun to use Facebook as a way of seeing if my friends are online before I fire up Skype. It’s a quick way to locate my friend who spends her evening playing Facebook games, but I don’t care for the actual chat mechanism, so hi-ho, hi-ho, a quick message and it’s off to Skype I go.

Who Will Claim the Throne in the Game of Local Commerce? (Infographic)

throne of commerceI spend a good portion of my day writing about either TV or online marketing. Sometimes those two passions collide. Like today, when I opened my email to find this wild infographic from Matt at 8coupons: Game of Local Commerce 2013.

8coupons is (according to Matt),  “the largest consumer hub and b2b platform for local deals with hundreds of content and distribution partners.” Pop in your zip code and you’ll see a neatly composed list of everything from all the major daily deal sites, flash deal sites and  sites that specialize in local coupons such as

Will Two-Step Authentication Be Enough to Prevent Stupidity in Handling Twitter Accounts?

SecurityIn the wake of the Associated Press’s Twitter account being hacked yesterday there is plenty of vulture reporting about the possibility of Twitter incorporating a two step authentication process into the service sometime in the future. Gotta love what passes for news these days.

We are piecing together things from various pieces of other things and we are going to say that we think that maybe something like this may happen in the near, or maybe even not so near, future.

But here I am ‘reporting’ on it as well so enough of that talk. This is where the rumors about Twitter getting more serious about account security seem to have begun (maybe kinda sorta). Wired reported yesterday

Tumblr Slips Ads Into the Mobile Stream

tumblr adOf all the social media networks, Tumblr is the one whose users seem most likely to rebel against advertising. Why? Because even though the photoblogging site is loaded with brand name accounts, the entire site still leans heavily on the artistic and the offbeat.

The people who appreciate a Tumblr such as One Tiny Hand (photoshopped pics of celebrities with one, tiny doll hand in place of their real hand) probably aren’t going to respond well to display ads for Old Navy in their mobile feed. But Tumblr thinks they have that covered because their ads are special. Tumblr ads are content based so they’re hardly noticeable in the stream.