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Twitter has redesigned its Twitter for Business section of its site.

Since the post on the Twitter advertising blog was dated yesterday I looked everything over a few too many times and, if this is a joke, I missed it completely. The blog post tells us

Since Twitter is such a dynamic new platform, marketers have a lot of questions. How do I connect with the right audience? How do I do that real-time marketing thing? How do I make 140 characters sing?

For the answer to these questions and more, we welcome you to visit our redesigned go-to resource for businesses:

Now for the video which seems over-the-top basic. I thought “Are they acting like this is a new product that no one has ever heard of before and that’s the joke?”. If it is, it’s not very funny but what it might be is an indication of is just how rudimentary many businesses’ understanding of exactly how Twitter can them help truly is. Here, you decide.

Mashable reports as well

While much of the content is similar to what Twitter previously made available for businesses, that content is now organized in such a way that it’s easy for Twitter beginners as well as experts to get what they need from the site.

I guess I am confused because one of the social media giants is talking about the basics. They’ve come off the mountain top to speak to the commoners. Personally, I think that is incredibly smart since the social media industry tends to race so far ahead of most business owners and stakeholders and then is shocked when they are not keeping pace. It’s a level of arrogance that has probably hurt the growth of the industry rather than served it.

So kudos to Twitter to getting back to the basics. Maybe others should follow their lead so more businesses can get involved for real? Your thoughts?

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  • I think it’s great that Twitter has produced something for a business owner to watch that may help them with driving customers through Twitter. Do you have any more helpful hints that as a internet marketing company I could do to help my customers get more out of Twitter?

  • Sarah Bauer

    This is absolutely a smart move for Twitter, and one that I think other online marketing platforms would be wise to follow. For many business owners, just getting started on social media with a personal profile is a big move, because digital communication hasn’t necessarily penetrated their immediate business landscape yet ( especially the brick-and-mortars). This video is all about getting over that intimidation factor, and making it empowering for business owners of all industries to get started online.

    Sarah Bauer
    Navigator Multimedia

  • How many times have you heard ‘whats the point?’ in relation to twitter? I still have trouble explaining to friends and colleagues the benefits of using Twitter. The video that they posted really makes it easy to understand in relation to a business of any size…way to go!