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customers are pickyIf you didn’t have a competitor in this world, you could afford to be out of stock, leave broken links on your website and provide poor customer service. But here’s the thing — 95% of the time customers do have another option. They can type a new web address, drive down the street, or switch service providers (what a pain, but we’ll do it!).

Redwood Software conducted a survey to find out what it is that makes consumers want to take their business elsewhere and it was the little things that added up to big problems.

The one thing that irks customers more than anything else (61%) is having to repeat personal information to a human on the phone after dealing with an automated machine. As far as I’m concerned, that machine is a big part of the problem in the first place. Instead of helping people move through the queue faster, all it does is aggravate. (Human! Operator! Person! Help!)

The ecommerce version is a system that takes too long (49.35%) or is too complicated (48.35%)

Be warned that your idea of too long and your customers’ idea are probably two very different things. According to an infographic from data management consulting company Pythian  – fast enough is around three seconds. If a site takes longer than that to load 67% of consumers are on to the next site. Wow! Talk about abandonment issues!

pythian abandonment

65.3% of consumers said they’ve left an online marketplace because they couldn’t find what they wanted. That percentage pops up to 75% when you talk brick and mortar. That might not be your fault. A customer might come to Old Navy thinking they can buy military surplus items but they’re going to leave disappointed. But if you have it and customers can’t find it, that’s another story. There should be multiple routes to get to any product on your website. I might look for video games under toys or I might look under electronics or entertainment. And please let me get to the “buy” page in under three moves!

If you think retail is bad, check out these service provider numbers:

fix problems

Customers have a choice, so make sure you’re giving them more reasons to love you than leave you.