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Google-Plus-Glossy-IconThe news was flying fast and furious out of the Google I/O event yesterday. If you missed Matt McGee’s live blogging you missed more than a few chuckles but hey, that’s the way the Google Glass crumbles (yup, that was awful).

As we often do here at Marketing Pilgrim, we will turn over some of the reporting to Google itself regarding changes in Google+. Until these changes are realized by all it seems pointless to analyze or predict what they do or don’t mean. Besides, my crystal ball is in the shop following it’s prediction that Justin Timberlake would make MySpace relevant again.

So here is a series of videos to bring you up to speed on the new and improved Google+. Enjoy.

First up from the Google+ blog post about the changes covers

A multi-column layout. You’ll see one, two, or three columns of content depending on your screen size and orientation.

Awesome-sized media. Photos and videos can fill the entire width of the stream, making it easier to scan, and nicer to look at.

Delightful animations. The sharebox bounces, the menus slide, and the cards flip and fade — just to name a few.

Next up is a look at related hashtag implementation

And last but not least we learn about the new standalone Google+ Hangouts offering

We’ll keep an eye on all these changes as people start to digest them over the coming months. Is there anything that truly catches your marketing fancy? Let us know in the comments.

  • Sean Doty

    Google+ reminds me a lot of Pinterest now. It is my preference over FB, and not that I’m resistant to change, but I liked the old way. It will just take time, and I’m sure I’ll love this new way that G+ works.

  • The new flipping and sliding titles take some getting used to, but they make the site feel more alive and if you learn to flip the tiles correctly you get more information without losing your place.